My Goals For 2018

After writing my brief and rather shamefully dull review of my life during 2017 I decided that I wanted to create some actually sensible targets for 2018.

The issue with sensible targets though is that they end up being fairly dull because they are realistic and achievable and with that are sort of a bit less wild so I will be including a few outlandish ones as well because I need something to push for and even if I fall short at least it is in the right direction… right? Tell me I am right. I need validation here.

Artwork and quotes on a motivational wall

100% Achievable Targets

  1. Over the last few years I have been awful at reading books and have tried to re-address that with targets like “to read more” but this year I am going to aim to read at least one book a season. That is four books in a year so not too much pressure but also pushes me in the right direction and if I end up reading more then that is a bonus right? To hold myself accountable I am going to try and keep updating my Goodreads account (which yes I started to update and fill in but got tired of trawling through old blogs to copy reviews across and figure out what I had actually read but obviously I have read a lot more books than those currently included on my read shelf!).
  2. I love cooking, as this site pretty explicitly shows, but often end up cooking the same things over the course of a few weeks and that is pretty boring for everybody. I would like to at least once a month, especially given I am going down to working five days a week instead of six, cook or bake something new and a little bit more challenging. Whether that is from somebody else’s blog or from one of the amazing cookbooks we have around the flat. Cooking makes me super happy and whilst doing a bit more of a different recipe might increase the food shopping bill it also means that we will have a bigger store of cupboard ingredients and also more skills under my cooking belt. There are also a number of restaurants I want to visit during 2018 and I will have a separate post on that before the New Year hits so keep an eye out (my summary of 2018 is going to be a mammoth post, I can sense it).
  3. There are a huge number of nail varnishes, or polishes or paints whatever you call them in your neck of the woods, on my unit and in the drawers and I really like doing my nails but keeping them done regularly is pretty much impossible. I bow down to the people that do their own nails and constantly manage to have a pristine manicure because HOW? With that I would like to try to paint my nails at least once every fortnight but doing it so that it is done and if it needs to be taken off and I have bare nails then that is completely cool as well. It would just be nice to have pretty nails more than like six times a year.
  4. I might be super organised and running around all over the place a lot of the time but I am also super lazy and fail to do basic tasks (mental health, I am looking at you ya little spoilsport). And most of those things are actually okay to not do or not get done at a specific time but there are some things that cause me bigger issues along the way. Over 2018 I really want to ensure that every time I put my clothes away they either get folded up or put on a hanger, depending on the clothing type, instead of just throwing things in there and dealing with it weeks down the line. Also I want to start making sure that my shirts/blouses/tops are actually ironed because there are some getting to the point that they cannot be worn outside the house because of the creases…
  5. Recently I have just found myself accumulating a lot of things and many of those things are lovely and wonderful and I am pleased to have them in my life but our flat lacks much storage and it is starting to stress me out. Over the next week or two you will see me launching a Project Pan for 2018 to help to hold myself to account by ensuring that I am moving things out of my collection rather than just constantly bringing things in and dashing from one product to another and never actually finishing something. With this I might also create an inventory of all things makeup, skincare and bath/shower products just so I can track my progress on a monthly basis but that is something I am not necessarily going to hold myself to because it is quite an overwhelming and time consuming task to carry out. The Project Pan is a go though!

Dream Targets

  1. We have not gone on holiday for a fair while and the last time we went away was either on our super short break to Cardiff or longer ago our slightly longer short stay in Norwich. I work in the travel industry and have recently partnered up with Venture Travel to bring you guys an amazing discount code on holidays but rarely head off anywhere myself. Whilst a week long holiday on a cruise ship would be the dream I will just settle for a long weekend away in the Welsh countryside or a short getaway on a beach but we are pretty bad at planning and also the whole saving money thing so it would be super nice to head away but I will not be getting my hopes up too much of making this aim come true.
  2. To have at least one brand put me properly on their PR list. I have received Rimmel packages in the past which absolutely blew my mind and I do work with the Co-op on a number of campaigns but I would love for a PR to reach out to me for a specific campaign. The campaign does not even need to give me financial benefit it would just be super nice to be recognised and a PR offer to send me a product where I can share my honest thoughts… but I am pretty small in the blogging community, even seven years in, and struggle to engage with the community through social media at times so doubt very much that will happen. A girl can dream though. Any PRs out there, I love cheese and making risotto so please send your latest stock cubes my way! You can contact me via the methods mentioned here. I also have certain readers per month and followers on social media number based targets but I intend to keep those on the down low in general – progression in the upwards direction is the main thing!
  3. Our wedding is never going to end up happening in 2018 but it would be great to start saving for the wedding or get an item or two towards it. After getting some money from a family member around the time of their death I had decided I wanted to get a necklace that matches my engagement ring pretty closely, mainly so I have a blue thing for my wedding and they are with me on the day, and that not only does not come cheap but trying to find the perfect one is pretty challenging. But trying to find the perfect necklace is super tough and hopefully 2018 will be the year when I come across one that works for me…

What are your targets for 2018? I would love to hear more about them in the comments below and also if you happen to have any tips on ways for me to manage my goals please do share them as well!

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