Arranging The Perfect Holiday*

Figuring out where you want to go on holiday is one thing but trawling through hotels, resorts and apartments is something completely different. For me trying to decide on the specifics of a holiday such as the hotel, the flights and things like transfers to and from the airport is so stressful it almost puts me off even thinking about going on holiday at all.

A way around this traditionally would be to go onto your local high street and walk into a travel agent where they would give you numerous booklets and try to help you make a suitable decision but it always feels like you need to make a decision there and then or wait another week to be able to return and say you would like to go ahead with the risk that the holiday package could have vanished from the systems.

Sunset in 2012 from the cruise ship around the Baltics

But high street travel agents are often that bit more expensive as they have store overheads, numerous staff to rotate and they usually end up having a limited selection as they have become so large they only use specific flight suppliers and have their own venues to promote rather than looking at the bigger picture and being able to work with numerous suppliers to truly create that perfect package.

That is what makes Venture Travel (ATOL Protected), based in Flintshire so incredibly different. They take the personalisation and understanding of your every need, like a high street, but being online means they can provide highly competitive prices to give you the dream trip away for a price that will keep the bank balance happy and allow you to have that extra spending money for the trip itself.

I remember seeing about Venture Travel just before they launched and was really interested to see how they would work and develop the concept. Since then I have been in communication with the team and they are super friendly and down to earth guys. I work in the travel industry myself, helping to arrange transfers to get people to and from the airport, cruise terminal and more here in London so appreciate their service with a smile approach (we can all tell when somebody is typing with a smile, is genuine and enthusiastic) combined with their passion and knowledge of their industry.

View from the plane between Gatwick and Murcia

The team have been kind enough to give me a code of LOWE25* that gives you an extra £25 off the already incredible prices. That’s an extra £25 to spend on cocktails in the airport before you take off or an ice cream as soon as you land at your destination. They have also hugely inspired me to pull out the maps and the planning books to figure out a holiday for 2018 (all the pictures you see here were taken in 2012 and 2014; otherwise known as our last holiday apart from a wild weekend away in Norwich…)

Where To Travel

Even if you fancy going to a specific place and it does not appear on the drop down options on the Venture Travel website they can still arrange it for you and have plenty of options all across the world thanks to their connections with several major travel groups as well as numerous local independent spots. Planning a honeymoon? They have a section for that. Need something cheap and cheerful? They can sort that for you. Tired of trying to find the perfect spot that is family friendly? They have done all the hunting for you.

If you are unsure of where to go, the Venture Travel team can guide you and I have provided a handy guide on how to get in touch with them and get things all figured out below, then why not consider one of these five locations that I think are all pretty dreamy for a number of reasons.

The sea in Spain as captured from a vantage point in Southern Spain's Murcia

  • Tanzania – A chance to explore beaches, national parks and Mount Kilimanjaro as well as seeing a number of animals, spices and the world’s largest crater. A bit like a safari but even better as you get to mix up seeing everything nature and also relaxing under a palm tree with a cocktail for a day or two. This is the sort of holiday more suitable for adults or a family that has older teenagers to ensure that the experience is fully appreciated and also to ensure that as much exploring can be done as possible before needing to hit the hay at the end of the day.
  • Portugal (The Azores) – You do not need to be on a plane for hours and have to deal with stopover flights to be able to reach glorious beaches and beautiful views. The Azores, off of mainland Portugal, provides an ideal paradise for a romantic getaway where you can just relax together and admire the whales, birds and nature on display. Although, it also makes for a wonderful solo getaway for the nature lover not so keen on long distance journeys.
  • Dubai – Whenever I think Dubai I think excessive luxury that is all about relaxing in incredible hotels, eating amazing foods and purchasing items from exquisite brands. There is also a lot more to offer though with with parks to walk in, lakes to go on, dolphins to swim with and the Dubai Fountains (a piece of art that is truly beautiful). This is the sort of trip that makes for a fantastic family getaway, couples trip away or a solo trip. Dubai has so much to offer that it can easily be catered for whatever your needs are and Venture Travel can help arrange that.
  • Barbados – I know so many people that have taken a winter break to Barbados this year and I cannot say I blame them. With ‘low’ temperatures that match the sort of weather that would cause us here in the UK to get excited and consider whipping out the BBQ to scorching hot delights that will see you being able to sizzle on the beach. Whether you want to spend a week on the beaches and exploring the hidden secrets under the water or if you just want to visit for a couple of days both are possible with it being a common standalone destination as well as a popular spot for Caribbean cruises to visit.
  • Canada – For some reason Canada has always appealed to me far more than the USA and it has seen a recent surge in popularity with a number of campaigns to encourage visitors. Built up cities, interesting history, winter sports and incredible National Parks to visit the country pretty much has everything somebody could want in a holiday to make it great for mix and matching (apart from scorching white beaches perhaps). Stay in one city or go on an adventure between a number of locations I feel there is something truly magical about Canada.

How To Book

Cover in ivy, City Hall in Stockholm in 2012

Now onto the important stuff. Venture Travel are an online travel agency where they help to ensure everything is perfect for you and your needs. With that you cannot just go onto their site, click a holiday and proceed to book it. You need to do that good old thing of communicating with them to discuss the holiday and continue through to booking, which is perfect for ensuring you know exactly what to expect.

They have provided a super simple to understand video here about the sort of information they would like when you are attempting to book. They mention Facebook in the video but you can contact them via email, the contact us section on their website or by phone depending on what works best for you. Telephone: 01352 746 117 Email: Facebook:

The information you send can be pretty vague from “A family of four looking to go away in August for 12 nights to somewhere warm but not too warm for our 6 and 9 year old children. Would be good if it included breakfast but not dinner so we don’t feel tied to one spot” all the way to “A couple looking to go on our honeymoon for 14 nights. Would be great to go somewhere with beaches to relax on but also local spots of history and cultural interest. Perhaps an animal or two to go and find as well. We’re thinking 5* hotel but are willing to compromise on ‘perfection’ if it provides a quirky and memorable experience. Not keen on flying in the day time so night time flights to a location would be great. Can you arrange travel to and from the airport as well”.

If you have a budget for the total holiday you can tell them that as well and they will see what they can come up with or perhaps offer you a slightly tweaked alternative that gives you the perfect holiday but does not break the bank or eat into your spending money. Venture Travel can create packages that suit a shoestring or where money is no object so whatever you are looking for they know you deserve it and will help make that dream a reality.

From there they will do some searching around to provide you with what they think will work best for you and give you all the details you might need to make an initial decision. Throughout the entire process they are happy to answer any questions you might have and make any tweaks to anything that does not sound just right for you in the initial suggestions.

Remember to state the code LOWE25 to save an extra £25 on booking as well!

If you have any questions about anything mentioned above please do get in touch through the comments below and I will do my best to assist or pass you on to the relevant member at Venture Travel.

View from a river cruise excursion whilst on a cruise around the Baltics

*This is an affiliate code meaning I will receive something in return for you choosing to book a holiday through Venture Travel. You are under no obligation to use this code but if you would like to support little me whilst booking your next holiday that would be cool.

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