Look Fantastic Advent Calendar Days 11-15

It is really blowing my mind just how quickly Christmas is approaching. Perhaps it is based on how busy I have been and how many different illnesses I have had to deal with since the start of December rather than actually being in the Christmas spirit or doing almost anything festive.

If you missed the first and second update on this advent calendar please do feel free to catch up!

Day Eleven

navy box for 2017 advent calendar by Look Fantastic

Navy box with the Molton Brown shower gel mini

This Molton Brown body wash smells so fantastic in the gingerlily scent. There is something about it that makes it feel super warming and comforting, a perfect Christmas/Winter scent, and I can imagine it complimenting a number of my perfumes.

It will now be sitting in a drawer alongside a pink pepper one that I already have in this size. I keep hold of them instead of using them because in my head there will be the chance to go somewhere exciting and the need to stay in a hotel where using these will be a perfect treat but that is never going to happen.

Molton Brown products are so good and feel so luxurious that the idea of using them in my own bath or shower feels a bit scandalous, which is absolutely ridiculous, and like they are somehow being wasted and not appreciated enough. Of course this is not the case but using fancy, or at least in this case relatively expensive things, pains me a fair amount.

We don’t even have a picturesque bathroom where they would look cute just sitting somewhere as sort of display items until that dream mini-break away comes along. Perhaps I will pull myself together and put them on my “to use up in 2018” list because them ending up not being used at all but instead just losing their magical scent or perfect texture would be the biggest waste of all!

Day Twelve

White, blue and black box with a silver twelve

Pink packaging caudalie product in mini tube

Caudalie is a really highly respected brand and one that so many beauty bloggers and vloggers mention on a fairly regular basis so I was super excited to receive this Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet in my advent calendar.

The ingredients that really make the product also means I am looking forward to giving this a try, once I have finished my current moisturiser, as chamomile is especially known for calming the skin and combined with grape water to really help pack a hydrating punch this is exactly the sort of thing my face is in need of.

Switching up my skincare, especially for my face, often makes me a little nervous but this being packed with natural ingredients will hopefully mean that it will work for me. It claims to be suitable for sensitive skin, something that generally is not an issue for me, but I can find my face reacting to ingredients if they are not what my face needs; tea tree, for instance, is supposed to help clear the skin but it is a little too harsh for my face and dries it out causing it to react and go super oily to compensate.

Day Thirteen

Look Fantastic 2017 day thirteen

Small bottle of oil revealed in advent calendar

Ah this is a really cute little bottle in the most adorable little box. This is the sort of miniature I can handle receiving because it is actually pretty damn cute and the contents are the sort of thing that will last for a decent amount of time.

My hair is generally in fairly good condition as I get it cut every six to eight weeks and have never put dye onto it so other than natural damage from the weather or from putting it into a bobble it does not have too much to deal with. But, especially during summer, Moroccan Oil is the exact sort of product that I want to be able to put onto the ends of my hair to just give that little boost.

It smells fantastic too, as you would expect any product that is a combination of Argan Oil and Linseed Extract to, and that is a super added bonus for something that gets applied to the hair. I tend to find that I can notice any scent in my hair a lot more than I can with my general perfume, even though it is supposed to be right under my nose, as I feel that my hair really soaks up whatever it is offered and with something like this oil it will make the most of that to the fullest.

Day Fourteen

Flat advent calendar blue, white and black box

Look Fantastic 2017 advent calendar day fourteen

We have already received a face mask in the advent calendar so I was a little surprised to discover another one less than five days later than opening the first one. They both aim to do very different things and have incredibly different ingredient bases but it still strikes me a little as a bit ‘samey’ and lacking imagination.

This is a wild rose brightening mask by Korres and I have heard before about rose being a great ingredient for brightening but I will need to use this in a sample area on my face first as floral products tend to be super hit or miss on my face and the idea of lathering my face in a rose product to sit and dry for fifteen minutes makes me a little nervous.

I have a pretty large face, forehead especially, so this tube looks fairly small in comparison to that and I am a little unsure how many applications I will be able to get from this by following the “use one to two times a week” recommendation. For this sort of face mask I want to be able to use it twice a week for at least three weeks before starting to make any sort of judgement about what it does and how effective it is for my own skin.

Day Fifteen

Long thin blue, white and black design box

Gold handled cream brush for makeup application

This brush is incredibly soft and fluffy and feels like it will be an absolute joy to use. The mixture of the brush itself and the handle also makes this an incredibly pretty item that I will be happy to have on display amongst the other brushes I currently own.

It seems like the brush will be perfect for contouring and I hope that it will work really well with the products that I have, in terms of it getting even on the brush as well as distributing the product on the face evenly, to give the perfect application. But I often find myself using brushes for things other than their intended purpose; I have a lip brush that I actually use specifically to apply inner corner highlight to the eye instead!

I have got a Spectrum Brushes set on my Christmas wishlist though so if they do turn up underneath my Christmas tree then this will more than likely end up in the travel bag, alongside those Molton Brown body washes, for that time when I happen to be able to go away and it to be a nice enough trip away that I want to take and apply makeup too.

Thoughts So Far

Is it bad to admit that this advent calendar is starting to bore me a little? Nothing is really hugely blowing me away and instead it just feels like numerous average sample sized products. This is increasingly obvious when I compare this to the Easter collection box that they did earlier in the year when the products were really good and also decent in size.

Hopefully the nearer to Christmas we get the better the offerings from the boxes will become but I shall not get my hopes up too much…

What are your thoughts on the Look Fantastic advent calendar so far?

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