Avon’s Luck 50ml

It has been some time since I discussed Avon’s Luck perfume, but since I first did my terribly written review in the midst of a mental health crisis (I know, what is new there eh) I have actually given this bottle its last spray and stuck it in the trash. Instead of waiting until I finally put together an empties post, which I have kind of moved away from as if something is so good or really terrible it probably deserves a full post on it, I figured that I would return to an old post to compare my first impressions to my final impressions. That first showing of this product on my blog is available to read here if you happen to be interested in having a little laugh and also seeing what my thoughts on this product were like back in 2015.

Avon clearly view this perfume to be a success as it is still available for sale in the UK now and, in fact, they have even expanded the range to include slightly different scents for both her and for him.

They describe the fragrance as having a top note of pink pepper, followed by a mid note of nutmeg and a base note of sandalwood. There certainly is a lingering note from the base scent of sandalwood but to me the smell as a whole was quite mild and faded away to a more musky finish before disappearing all together an hour or so later.

Bow style lid on a glass oblong perfume bottle

If anything there is actually a bit of a sweet and floral scent to this in the beginning, which is not what I would expect from either of the notes mentioned on the website, and I find this to be incredibly overwhelming. I like both sweet and floral perfumes, and have several sitting on my dressing table, but the starting notes of this really make my nose twitch a little and just thinking about it made me sneeze a little.

This has been quite an obvious collection of scents from initial spray to settling on the skin for as long as I can remember and there has not been a clear shift in a change in smell, colour or texture and it clearly had not gone off in any way but rather that my scent preferences have continued to change and my ability to process smells and specific notes has changed as well. I can think of several examples of scents that I really used to love, or hate, when I was younger that I now have completely different opinions on; a bit like being served sprouts, liver or spinach.

As for the bottle I find that the design is a nice little twist on an ordinary perfume bottle, especially given the low £15 price point, but as I have welcomed a number of more expensive perfumes to my collection I have found that the bottle looks increasingly tired and worn. It does not clean overly well and the lid is of a more bendable flimsy plastic with a gold coating where as a lot of other perfumes in my collection have designed lids, more solid structures or are heavier glass bottles to make it easier to apply a smidgen of pressure to clean.

Have you ever used this perfume or another in the Avon Luck range? If so I would be interested to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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