Look Fantastic Advent Calendar Days 6-10

In the first instalment of this mini series, for days 1-5, I discussed that a lot of the boxes were the navy packaging rather than the snazzy pattern but I take that all back because photographing the colourful ones is far more challenging than I anticipated…

But after the variety of products that came in the first five days, and feeling a bit down in the dumps, I was excited to open the next few days and see what new items and brands I would be adding to my drawers and daily routine.

Day Six

This seemed like a pretty average sized box but the weight was incredibly light compared to its rough appearance so my mind was pretty confused about knowing what to expect as a result. There was a part of me that hoped it meant it was a small sample of a super expensive and fancy product or that perhaps it was a makeup item along the lines of a lipliner that meant it needed a large box to fit into but would also not weigh a lot as a result.

Navy blue box with silver number six

Sample size of a This Works facial product from the Look Fantastic advent calender

There has been a lot of talk about thisworks as a brand in recent times in the blogging community and whilst I have never actually used one of their products before it certainly stuck out to me as something that I have heard of before. Recognising the name of a brand really makes a difference to me with regards to what to expect from a product and feeling comfortable about applying it.

In this case that is extra important to me here as this in transit camera close-up is a three-in-one facial product and putting new brands, relatively unknown products and things that I do not see being advertised often onto my face naturally makes me super nervous.

It is a product that I will be happy to try out at a later point in time but there are already so many moisturisers and primers in my collection that I need to keep trying to work from older product to new and also getting both a moisturiser and primer out of my collection at the same time before using one single multi-purpose product. The size of the tube explains the weight of the box, it is pretty laughable.

Day Seven

This box felt pretty substantial and heavy in weight but given the size of it I was unsure of whether that meant it was going to be another liquid product or if it was going to be another makeup product. Given that yesterday we received a product that is somewhere between skincare and makeup a part of me was expecting it to be for the hair or body but given the wide variety of items already included there were still so many potential options of what it could be.

I was hoping for something that was more body based than hair though as I find that hair products will generally go to waste on me but the majority of body products can find a way into my routine even if they do not end up being repurchased or becoming an essential afterwards.

Geometric design of Look Fantasitc advent calendar box in white, black and blue

Day seven of Look Fantastic advent calendar gives shimmer gold tan mist by James Read

Ow right… it is a gradual tan mist thing that seems to essentially be some gold glitter in an oily liquid kind of mess. They do know it is December right? The only tan you can get gradually here in the UK right now is an extremely fake one and if you are going to that effort then you probably are not too fussed about it appearing “gradually”. Whatever the time of year though I really could not care about “having a tan” and even less so about it being a gradual glittery glimmery thing masquerading as a tan.

Can you tell this is one of those products that I really do not care for? Why could this not have been the one missing from my box rather than day two? People rave about James Read products and there seemed to be a little bit of a hype in the beauty community when this product came out so I am sure that there will be somebody in my life that can wave their arms around and say “please can I have this”.

At least mine did not leak everywhere though like several other people’s did in their advent calendars…! There is always a positive.

Day Eight

At this point I have acknowledged that the weight or size of the box means absolutely nothing and has no correlation to the size of product I can expect to receive. This one was pretty light and large but part of me still thought that perhaps it felt light because I was considering the box size in my head.

Small cardboard box in front of advent calendar

Mini of the NBD by Red Ken in advent calendar box

It turned out that the product was indeed just super lightweight with a small tube of Redken No Blow Dry airy cream. This is quite a small tube when I look at it and then look at the length and volume of my hair.

Even using this on just the ends of my hair or sparingly brushing it through, past experience has told me we are talking minimal uses from this product. It is also the sort of product you need to be able to use for a good couple of weeks before seeing if it makes any difference to your hair or its routine so even if I enjoy using it there is unlikely to be enough usage for me to determine if I would repurchase. An interesting product and concept but something terrible to receive such a small version of.

Day Nine

Part of me laughed when I seen the box for day nine, I had already reached the point of being so sceptical about the size of the product compared to the box that I was honestly imagining something no bigger than a drawing pin to be in a short and dumpy relatively cuboid box.

It did seem to have a bit of weight to it though so I figured maybe they were pushing the boat out and putting multiple drawing pins into the box. Seriously guys, it is hard to remain hopeful about the contents of these boxes representing the size of the product when you are over a week in and most things have not matched in any way at all.

Day nine Look Fantastic advent calendar

Small pot of setting powder from 2017 Look Fantastic calendar

Inside I discovered a product that matched the size of the external box! Blimey! The item itself was revealed to be the Bellapiere banana setting powder in a small pot without a sifter or anything similar meaning that there was an immediate risk of me spilling the pot everywhere or product generally ending up going to waste during application for a lot of people.

However, I tend to use quite a small brush for setting powder under my eyes and tend to use a very small amount of it in general so I should be able to just add a little to my brush and tap off the excess without it flying off everywhere. People that tend to use this sort of powder to bake, it always confuses me when people want to set large amounts of their face in yellow powder but I have seen people do it, are going to struggle to get their brush in their properly and not cause it to puff up into a big cloud of choking powder everywhere.

This is something that I am looking forward to trying out and am interested to see if it works well with my skin tone, skin type and also whether it sits well with the makeup that is already part of my makeup routine and am pleased to welcome this adorable little pot into my collection.

Day Ten

Given the products of the last few days and there clearly being no pattern in whether it is face, body or makeup related I was struggling to imagine what could be in box ten but after day nine produced something I was relatively pleased with I was struggling to stay optimistic for the contents here. Can you tell yet, I am grumpy and uncertain about pretty much everything in my life?

Navy box in front of the Look Fantastic advent calendar.

Look Fantastic advent calendar navy box in front of drawers with product from the box

Ow right we are back to the ridiculous box size compared to the product thing again are we? At least the product contained within is an Oskia Renaissance face mask that actually sounds like an absolute delight to use and given how thin I tend to apply face masks should see such a small pot lasting a number of applications.

Some people in the beauty community swear by Oskia products as part of their facial routine but I have not really heard anybody speak about their face masks, probably more to do with me living under a rock than anything else, so I have relatively high hopes that this will be able to work some little miracle on my constantly dull and tired skin.

Thoughts So Far

Overall, I am still loving this box and super excited about the majority of items that have come into my life. There are some that I will aim to give a go but in my heart know they will end up getting passed along to somebody else in my life.

It really does bug me a little though that the first product in the box was full sized and then everything since has varied from what I would describe as a sample size up to a travel size. There is certainly enough product in most of them to be able to get a really good opinion on whether you like something or not. I think that the individual boxes being so large compared to some of the size of the products hidden within partly adds to the feeling of being short-changed; smaller boxes with the same size products would almost certainly not have made me question the sample/travel sized products as much as much like putting a serving of food on a smaller plate looks way more satisfying than putting it on a huge serving plate.

Ah and finally, an update on the missing box two and its product, I am still waiting. It is safe to say Look Fantastic’s customer service is pretty tiring to deal with as they just keep saying “we can see a replacement for this has been requested” but not actually providing any information on when to expect it or when an update might actually be available. Just give me dates or a bit more information or something, if I kept giving customers the same naff response over and over again at work my company would be pretty pissed off with me… And I know I am not the only one getting tired of their customer service recently. Sort it out Look Fantastic and do the brands you present, work with and sell some justice!

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