Aisha’s Chicken Dippers

Purchasing food shopping online can sometimes be a bit risky because, despite what supermarkets claim, there is always that chance of ending up with a bashed up set of bananas or nearly gone off broccoli. It can also allow you to play the game of “will we get all our own food, be missing a bit or end up with an added extra” because the packaging system for delivery does not work super perfectly and the odd thing always ends up falling into another section.

Luckily, most supermarkets have the chance for you to say that a certain item was missing from your order and they will return the money to you and you are also able to say an item was damaged or with too short a date on it and they are usually pretty good about it. On the whole it does not seem to happen very often but knowing that the options are there to raise a quick ticket issue and it get resolved is super important about having piece of mind whilst cooking.

Anyway, these chicken dippers happen to be one of the things that we did not order but on opening the shopping bags we discovered not one but two bags of these. The delivery man was long gone so there was not much we could do other than put them in the freezer and have the opportunity to try them out at a later date; I do love a good dipper or nugget so this was a real unexpected treat that made me happy.

Aisha’s products, from what I have seen online, are all halal products and it is great to see such products finally entering the mainstream. Whilst it is not something that I have to specifically reach for it also does not bother me in the slightest so I was just able to focus on the joy of chicken dippers.

As you might be able to see from the photo they are coated in breadcrumbs but these crumbs also happen to have a rather serious whack of cracked pepper included. This pepper really lifted the chicken dippers from being a simple piece of chicken coated in some bread to being a flavourful bite that could stand alone as an item rather than needing things added to it or a sauce to hand to give it that little lift.

They were probably some of the best chicken dippers I have had in a long time for their flavours but I did find the crumb itself to be a little dry and the chicken inside was not as succulent as it could have been but this could be a result of my particular oven and settings opposed to that actually being the moisture level of the product.

Given their price though, and that because I do not have specific dietary requirements I can get much cheaper ones and just add my own crack of pepper, it is unlikely that these will be something that ever intentionally ends up in my basket. For a similar price you can get the Quorn nuggets which are super succulent on the inside and crispy on the outside after cooking just with less seasoning in the coating.

Do you have a recipe for chicken dippers or where is your favourite place to purchase them from? I would love to hear more in the comments below.

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