Puff Pastry Pizza

Pizza is up there as one of the foods of the gods, nearly up there with mac n cheese but not quite, but sometimes I find that store purchased or takeaway pizza leaves me feeling a little deflated and heavy stomached. Having said that the pizza is always worth that feeling afterwards because helloooo comforting tasty cheesy joy.

But sometimes I want to put in effort for this lazy food. By effort I mean unrolling some pre-rolled pre-made puff pastry, squeezing out some tomato puree and spreading it around, cutting some mushrooms and olives up before grating some cheese and shoving it all together. If you happen to have some of the above mentioned puff pastry hanging around leftover after a previous meal then this is by far much less effort than wandering all the way to a supermarket to get something to put in the oven or to trawl online to find the perfect pizza toppings at that magical price.

A puff pastry base does need to go onto a baking tray for cooking, to ensure it maintains structural integrity, but it still keeps washing up to a minimum afterwards as depending on the toppings you select you can easily cut them in the air with a knife; for me I did this pizza with a baking tray, a knife and a grater. Sure it creates a smidgen more washing up than another sort of pizza might but it is super tasty and worth your while.

For me a puff pastry base is a great lighter alternative to a traditional bread style pizza base and that helps to alleviate that heavy bloated feeling afterwards. Additionally, it feels lighter as a result of knowing that there is only so much topping weight the puff pastry is going to be able to take which means that it does not end up dripping in cheese oils or feeling heavy to hold. I doubt that it makes any difference in terms of calories because lighter pizza means you can eat more of it (right?) but it gives that impression of lightness which mentally triggers healthy within my mind and even though we are in the depths of winter it makes me think spring and summer freshness too.

What is your favourite way of making your own pizza and what toppings do you end up reaching for when creating one?

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