Saucy Sausage, Croydon

When I first spotted the Saucy Sausage along Lower Addiscombe Road, Croydon I had to refrain from doing a childish giggle simply because of its name. If the name was created to make it a talking point between locals and passers-by it certainly does the trick, though you do have to be looking pretty closely to spot it given its small shop front and traditional approach to cafe signage.

It is the sort of traditional cafe on the inside as well with simple decor and no bells and whistles tables, it hits the spots when you are just looking for a simple bit of grub, a friendly face and perhaps a cafe with plenty of seats to hide from the sun if you happen to be dealing with a bit of a hangover. If you are a bit of a vampire like me and want to feel like you are sitting properly inside a building then walking through the long galley style cafe and nearer to the cash only till that separates the cafe from the restaurant is absolutely perfect.

There are going to be very few surprises when you look at the menu, though there are plenty of tasty options to choose from, and it makes for a quick decision making process as well as being in comfort at knowing exactly what you have ordered and what to actually expect.

Like a lot of places they also have set menu options, especially on the all day breakfasts, and this was the thing that I opted for. We went there the day after I had my cardiac MRI so was feeling pretty sorry for myself and just wanted a big plate of breakfast and that was exactly what I got. There was supposed to be some slices of toast with it but by the time you had two plates on the table and several cups there would have been very little room for an additional plate of toast, besides the toast is often an unnecessary extra that is most likely to get left at the end so I did not really have much issue to raise complaint about it. By the end of the meal I was most certainly stuffed.

The fried egg yolk was runny when broken into, the sausages and bacon were well cooked but not at all greasy, the beans were piping hot and the hash browns were crispy on the outside but remained fluffy inside making it a delightful plate of food. As for the tomatoes, well they were just your average grilled tomato that had a juicy centre, was warm and had fresh flavours but then I am yet to encounter a cafe managing to screw up a grilled tomato so this performance comes as no surprise.

There were some decisions that made me chuckle a little such as the arrangement of the sauce sachets but then I considered that perhaps it is a desperate attempt to make their name resonate a little more but that seemed a bit of a stretch and the more I have thought about it the more ridiculous the concept and the layout becomes. They do deserve some credit though for such an incredible variety of sauces that well and truly keeps you covered for whatever meal you have ordered and whichever condiment is your go-to choice. Unsurprisingly the tartar sauce sachets went untouched this time around.

Given I had deprived myself of tea and chocolate for over 24 hours, a first-world problem indeed, the decision of a chocolate milkshake alongside the cup of tea that came with my cooked breakfast was very quickly reached. The shake was nothing special, possibly a Nesquik powder mixture even, but in that moment it was a refreshing chocolatey comforting joy that whisked me back to a time past; a simple little indulgence that was well worth the small price tag attached.

The tea was not great but that is more because if you put tea in front of a Yorkshire woman you are pretty much asking for criticism by choosing the wrong type of tea for the level of hardwater present in the cafe. If they purchased Yorkshire Tea bags locally then they would be the perfect match (they alter the blend to suit the hardwater levels on the area) but sadly that had clearly not happened here and no matter how much or little milk I stirred in nothing made it that perfect “ah” cuppa.

The food was a really enjoyable plate and one that I will happily select again when I am in desperate need of a fry-up that I do not have to source the ingredients for and cook myself. The cafe staff were friendly and the layout reminded me of a couple of cafes that I used to visit growing up in Yorkshire (just a little larger).

It is the perfect little traditional cafe, with a quirky name, that has a different purpose to all the other cafes (which are fabulous but could be summarised more as coffee and cafe houses) along the Lower Addiscombe Road as a result. It was certainly a visit that gave me a happy smile and one that I was delighted to make. Hopefully I will be able to return again soon.

What is your favourite thing to order in a traditional cafe and is there a cafe near you that really hits the spot for traditional grub, style and atmosphere?

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