L’oreal Color Riche Nail Polish

Doing my nails was one of the first ‘beauty’ things that I ever really got into and at 15 whilst I was never interested in anything more than some wild blue eyeshadow and mascara I was already building up a collection of outlandish nail varnish.

Not much has changed except that I own foundation, have ridden all the blue eyeshadow from my collection and now just have a collection of ‘sensible’ nail varnish. I like to call it my “I got sophisticated” phase but really it is just my “I realise these fashion trends are horrifically bad” and refuse to participate in things like pom poms on nails or inch long eyelash extensions.

You are still much more likely to find me with my nails done than me to have makeup on my face, mainly because I find the time in an evening to pop a layer or two of polish on my nails, and with that I have a far better understanding of what nail varnish works for me than knowing what my perfect shade of foundation is in five different brands (seriously somebody teach me their ways on this).

Three nail varnishs, pink, purple and blue by L'Oreal

L to R: 224 Rose Ballet, 556 Grenat Irreverent, 670 Cobalt Indecent

For me I have really found the L’oreal Color Riche polishes do the trick and to be great value for money at £4.99 a bottle.

The product itself provides a thick and opaque layer without running into the issue of being claggy or so thick that it goes really gloopy in the bottle, however well you shake it, within the space of a couple of months. The quality of the product means that you can easily get away with just doing one layer on each nail, this applies to all three shades I own, helping to save product and time.

With so many colours in the range it is really easy to find a shade or two that works for you, matches the dress and suits the occasion as well as them being great every day shades that can generally fit into most workplace environments without too many questions. The shades are generally around all year around as well meaning you can choose the perfect moment to launch from one season to another with your nails by picking up another little bottle of liquid joy.

Unlike a lot of brands I have tried recently the product is thick with one coat and actually stays applied to the nails properly instead of peeling off in big chunks (this is a problem I often face with nail products especially the new ‘gel’ ones you do at home with just a topcoat). This at least means you can see the signs of chipping, after nearly a week, and know to start considering action rather than just going along and looking down at your hands to discover two nails have, unknowingly to you, become rather naked…

My only real concern about the product is that the brush is quite short and dumpy which makes for great application, on adult sized nails at least, but I do question how far down the brush will go as to how quickly it will make it difficult to reach the remaining nail varnish effectively. Where it applies so effectively though it is hard to tell how many applications it will take to get to that point in the bottle but so far, a year in for one of the bottles, so good.

I am always on the hunt for the perfect nail varnish in the most stunning shades so if you have any recommendations, whatever the price tag, and love to hear about people’s stories of their favourite nail varnish growing up and how that is different to now! If you have any favourites, horror stories or memories regards nail varnish it would be fantastic to find out about them in the comments below.

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