Lush’s Christingle

When it comes to skincare I am terrible. I struggle to carve out the time to use anything more than a wet flannel or a face wipe to clean my face at the end of the day, despite having a number of incredible products on hand, let alone trying to add all these extra steps into my shower/bath or post-wash routine. The need to and the desire to use all these products is there, they would not have made it into my life if it was not, but I just struggle to see how people find the time to do everything on such a regular basis? This is possibly linked to the rise of so many people I know either in person or through the internet becoming self-employed and not having to travel to/from work, creating their own timetable and also not having a million and one other commitments that keep them away from the property they work so hard to keep up the rental payments for…

With all that shared, it will come as no surprise to hear that this Christingle entered my life around Christmas 2016 and it found itself in a drawer for several months before being rediscovered by myself and entering a race against time to use it up before the recommended date. This stuff might be self-preserving and has approximately a year long shelf life but it has to actually be used full stop.

It partly ended up in a drawer because I am a bit of a heathen and this product required me to search it on good old Google for me to be able to figure out any idea of what it is about and how to use it compared to a good old traditional body butter. Body conditioner suggested to me that you put it on mid-shower, left it for a few minutes and then wiped it away again, like conditioner for your hair but there was no chance I was going to just assume that with a minty product that clearly aims to pack a tingling punch.

Even after using a large majority of the product, once I read through a lot of contradicting advice on how to actually use the thing, I still feel like I am missing something. It does not leave my skin super soft and silky or seem to do anything amazing and instead just leaves my skin feeling a little bit minty with a film layer over the top and if there is one thing that is incredibly clear it is that the methods around using this are super difficult for the bath lovers among us (which is odd given Lush are mainly about the bath bombs etc). Perhaps this is just a sign that I need to bring a Lush lover into my life a little closer and say “please help me figure this product out” because people rave about this pot of toothpaste looking joy but it does not at all do the trick for me.

Some people have suggested that this can be used instead of a shaving cream but the mint and various other invigorating products inside rather put me off of this idea as anybody that has put a razor to their legs will know it can be a tingly enough (for all the wrong reasons mainly linked to being incredibly clumsy) experience already. Others have suggested that it can be used as an intensive overnight moisturizer, a bit like a body butter, but given the film layer that the product leaves on the skin and its rather obviously sticky nature this is not something that appeals unless they invent one of those foot socks created for locking in moisture but as an entire under pyjamas onesie.

I know they have since made this sort of product into solid versions and that might help to limit the amount of product use to avoid that film feeling layer but given my experience with this one it seems risky to spend a pretty hefty chunk on such a product if it does not actually alter the results that much. Given my current experiences I would much rather buy a couple of discounted, also vegan, body butters from other sources and not be left feeling like I need another shower just to remove the feeling of this stuff.

If you have experience using both do leave a comment below about which one works best for you, how you maximise the use of this product and if you have any ways to tackle the dreaded filmy feeling.

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