Naked Juices

I keep finding myself to be incredibly run down recently and desperately trying to boost my immune system through juices, vitamins and good doses of nutritious food (made challenging by the number of commitments I have and being on the go from 7am until 10pm a lot of nights of the week).

Whilst I know juices come with a lot of sugar, albeit largely natural, and in many ways their making causes the disruption of the quality of the nutrients and so on I still find them to be a great option for increasing my energy, mood and general feeling of well-being. If nothing else perhaps a juice works as a good placebo for me and gives me the impression of the being a healthy soul.

Despite each juice claiming to be very different in terms of ingredients, as is noticeable in the colours, there is an overlap in the taste of each of them which can simply be described as “sweet”. The sweetness of the Green Machine juice always throws me off because whenever I seen green I think fresh, light and raw flavours even though it is the perfect place to slot a few green apples.

The green one is certainly my least favourite of the collection as the feel good factor behind it is probably the smallest, unexpected perhaps given the usual wishy washy messages sent out to people regards green juices, but also because the flavours are pretty mundane with just that confusing follow up of sweetness at the end. I mean people want green juices to go through the feeling of cleanliness not to feel like they have just had a fizzy drink afterwards right? Clearly, given how long it has been on the shelf for it has some advantages and there are groups of people that find it an enjoyable product that justifies the price tag, I am just not that sort of person.

At least the Mango Machine tastes of what it claims to on the label, with the sweetness somewhat being justified, and it leaves the consumer feeling like they have got what they expected; a mango flavoured fruit drink. Whilst this one gives me the good thoughts in terms of vitamins and doing myself some “good” and has the added benefit of actually tasting like the intended product it never feels like it is quite cold enough. The bottle can sit in an effective fridge or supermarket fridge section for hours on end and even if it is opened immediately it just does not feel refreshing in the same way as orange or apple juice tends to after being extracted from the fridge.

The introduction of a new flavour, the Acai Machine, packed with numerous berries and red apples showed the greatest balance of flavour combination, feel good factor and also satisfaction that I have experienced yet suggesting the company understands the need to develop and expand on their current offering. This bottle feels the most like a smoothie that you would get from a stand in your local shopping centre after a hard day of battling for the perfect Christmas gifts and with that feeling, even if the flavours cause you to reminisce about summer, I feel like this is a successful addition to the Naked juices collection.

I would love to find out in the comments below; What are your favourite fruit combinations to go into a juice?

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