Thornton’s Chocolate

I used to have such a sweet tooth when I was younger and even up until recently I would probably choose to have a main and a dessert over a starter and a main but those tastes do seem to be changing.

Sure like everybody there are moments when my body screams that I need something either out of lacking it or one of those cheeky little craving parts of the brain and you will find me running to the shop to grab whatever chocolate happens to be on offer there and then. Right now as I write this I have a pretty hefty desire for some Aero… but give me a choice of starter over dessert and it’s more likely to be the former or a dessert that has savory elements (a tart, a lemon cheesecake or similar).

Part of me thought that it was just a result of several years of purchasing the cheaper than chips chocolate bars from supermarket own brand aisles and that somehow my opinion on chocolate and other sweet treats had been damaged as a result of not having the exciting ‘real deal’. So just after my birthday, once I realised that however many hints I dropped my partner was not going to buy me a birthday box of fancy chocolates, we ended up in Wimbledon and stumbled across the Thorntons (seriously guys my life would be far better if there was a Hotel Chocolat or other fancy maker in Croydon).

Eton Mess and Caramel Cheesecake Chocolate by Thorntons

There happened to be a sale on when we went in with several selection boxes being discounted to ensure the stock cleared before a new delivery of fancy redesigned boxes appeared and I was tempted to get one (or maybe five as back up gifts for people) but instead was drawn towards the little squares of chocolate.

I do remember when these squares used to be 3 for £5 but I can imagine that since I last purchased them to now the cost of the ingredients has increased or perhaps they altered the ingredients in a hope for a better quality finish? There is always the chance that they just want to boost their profit margins but these generally make great treats to buy for yourself or a little present topper-upper with the variety and sleekness that they provide.

But were they like how I remembered? To some extent yes but the joy that they used to spark on eating was missing. Both managed to provide a soft silky texture that allowed the chocolate to melt away in the mouth but the added bits, meany to increase texture and flavour, seemed to get lost in the mix.

The Eton Mess option had a very small hint of tartness from the strawberry in the odd square of chocolate but generally it came across as white chocolate and nothing more enjoyable than a white chocolate button. And there was certainly nowhere near as many chunks of bits in a square as the snapshot on the packaging would suggest (I really wish they would do something about packaging linking to the trade descriptions act).

As for the caramel cheesecake option… well! Cheesecake is probably my biggest ‘sweet’ weakness and if you put it in a chocolate I am expecting bits of biscuit to crunch into and then with the caramel pockets of soft and gooey slightly salty texture to really liven up the milk chocolate. No. It just tasted like a sweeter milk chocolate because of the caramel but the caramel flavour was not really obvious to an average palette like mine. As for texture I hear you ask… No. There was not really any of that either.

It seems that whilst the price per bar of these has increased in recent years the quality has at least stay the same I just used to view them more highly or it has actively decreased as well which really does not make for a winning combination.

There are over flavours in the range and perhaps I just happened to pick up two that pack the least punch. If you have had these recently I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, on twitter or over on instagram.

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