Lush Twilight Bath Bomb

Whenever I look at the Lush Twilight bath bomb I always end up thinking of a big fluffy marshmallow could that I want to cuddle up to and fall asleep in. I think the light shade of pink, the patterns on the bath bomb and the name of the product really create a bit of theatre and mental game play.

Twilight Lush bath bomb

I often find Lush products disappearing really quickly into the bath and that there is never enough time to properly enjoy the theatre but this one bobbed around in the bath slowly removing the outer shell before revealing its inside secret slowly and gently allowing you to focus on it and become mesmerised in a sea of calm. The slow action of this again really adds to the name and everything that the product is supposed to be about and for me that is a pleasing rarity.

Dissolving bath bombThe scent seems really gentle and mild, even at the beginning when it hits the water, but it is pleasant and remains noticeable throughout the bath. For me I find it to be a sweet product with just a hint of lavender, reminding me of a lavender shortbread, and that to be a good balance without it ending up smelling like potpourri or cleaning products.

Of course the lavender has calming properties that makes sense given this is essentially a bath bomb that brings an adult definition to bath and then bed but the sweetness comes from tonka that is also supposed to help fight inflammation and soreness making it even more suitable to pop in the bath after a long day. The scent combination is really enjoyable and I love that the ingredients have properties that further buy into the product name and theatre.

Pink and blue bath bombAfter the bath bomb had completely dissolved and it had been allowed time to settle I was quite surprised, given the bright blue shade inside the middle, that the water was so mildly pink. The muted and gentle pink really helps the eyes to relax and especially given that we find ourselves looking at blue screens and apps loaded with blue so often it helps to give the eyes a break at the end of the day.

There is also the additional benefit that there was a small amount of glitter in Twilight but it is so finely milled that it is barely noticeable and this product leaves no staining or colour issues either on the bath tub or on the skin (if you have read my recent review on Lava Lamp you will know all about my grumpiness about that). Which means you do not have to worry about losing all that relaxed feeling and calm sensations to clean the tub afterwards.

Pink bath waterThe Lush Twilight bath bomb is certainly one that I would add to my happy to repurchase from Lush list and this is something that I would happily recommend to somebody wanting a soft, gentle and calming bath.

Have you given this a try? I would love to find out your thoughts in the comments below, on twitter or instagram to see what you think and also to give anybody else popping along to the blog more things to consider!

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