Radox Feel Ready

A little while ago I found myself getting a little bored of bath soak and liquid bubble bath and combined with the desire to use up ageing Lush bubble bars there was a time when liquid bubble bath was nowhere to be seen in the flat.

But then I was needing to get a few pieces from Superdrug and spotted that they had a discount on all Radox products, after searching for some hand wash, so decided to stock up on some old favourite bath soak scents as well as getting a few new ones; the Feel Ready one is a new one to me but the scent combo was an idea that immediately attracted me.

Radox Feel Ready bath soakThere was a second of panic and regret when I opened the bottle lid for the very first time as the scent wafted up and hit me in the face. It reminded me a little of an apple cleaning product I have used in the past but after a few seconds that scent balanced out more to be a fresh and sweet combination with the pomegranate cutting through the apple.

Whenever I use a bath soak I always feel that the scent seems to dissipate really quickly and that it all gets lost when the incredible amount of bubbles gets created. It did seem like that had happened again with this one as well but on getting out of the bath I realised that the scent had really clung onto me, my hair in particular, and that wherever I walked there was this fresh and crisp fruity scent following me around.

The only thing I wished about this product is that the bright colour of the liquid would translate into the bath water at least a little bit but instead the colour completely disappears with the bubbles coming through white as snow. It is a small thing, and let us face it practically every bubble create product does not translate its colour into the water, but a girl can dream.

This is a really pleasant and simple bath soak with a lovely gentle scent that can easily be paired with a variety of other bath products, should bath cocktails be your thing, and helps to avoid the dreaded overpowering pong headache that some products give whilst also leaving a trace on your skin making it a winner for me!

Have you ever used this, what do you think of the scent? I would love to hear what your favourite bubble creating bath product is in the comments below or over on twitter or instagram.

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