Village Bistro Cafe, Beckenham

I keep telling myself that all the walking around I do whilst out shopping and exploring balances out having some hearty and filling lunch but let us face it I love food and do not need to justify what I do or do not eat (I didn’t have actual breakfast and we had some soup for dinner if you happen to really care [yawn] about me having a balanced diet).

We had never actually visited Beckenham before, even though it is just a simple tram journey for us, so during some time off I had recently we went for a short trip there to have a wander and see what it is all about. On our way around we spotted the Village Bistro Cafe and decided that it seemed like a nice normal independent spot to try out.

The Greek Feast at Village Bistro Cafe

We could have had a bottle of beer or another alcoholic beverage if we wanted as this cafe happens to be fully licensed and has a whole variety of bottles dotted around the serving area and in some display cabinets around the serving area. Instead my partner went for a coffee and I had a standard tea as it came as part of my meal.

My partner is forever hungry, imagine a powerful hoover that never seems to get full and is yet slimline and easy to carry that is him, but decided to opt for something ‘healthy’ with a Greek Feast salad. Little did he know that would come with what looked like an entire block of feta cheese, a large dipping dot of sauce and a mammoth splodge of hummus and taramasalata in the middle but it did come with a lot of salad which makes it ‘healthy’ right? Ha.

He was impressed by the olives and enjoyed the feta and found himself surprisingly full at the end of it (luckily for once I persuaded him not to order a side dish and to instead consider dessert afterwards if he was still hungry) partly due to the richness and saltiness from the overall dish. It also came with some cut up pitta which added to how filling the dish was and helped to ensure that everything could be eaten easily and combined together well.

Traditional English Fry UpIt is rare that I crave carbs and heavy food specifically, even rarer that I find myself desiring meat, but on this day I could not move away from looking at the traditional style cooked breakfast. The menu said that you could select the type of egg between fried, poached and scrambled but clearly the chef in charge on this day was only up for doing fried as no other options were given by the waitress (I was considering scrambled) and when the egg arrived it looked like it was going to be cooked to the point of lacking a runny yolk but it did just about manage to remain runny and me to be able to dip some toast into it.

All the pieces were well drained or dabbed and there was not any excess oil on the food or the plate which is always a relief as I have encountered dishes where the oil ends up mixing into the baked beans which is just not very pleasing! This was all generally oil-free and well cooked with the hash browns being crispy on the outside but remaining soft on the inside, the black pudding was hot throughout but still melt in the mouth, the bacon had plenty of colour without being crispy and the sausages were tasty and of good quality. A simple option to go for but it was done very well and not only did I leave stuffed but also very satisfied and cravings contented.

If you are going to order eggs in a restaurant or cafe what sort of egg do you tend to go for and is that because it is your favourite or you like to test the chef?

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