Lush’s Lava Lamp Bath Bomb

The end of August seen me using up that last few 2016 Lush Christmas collection bath bombs and bubble bars but it also seen a couple of friends getting me a bath bomb trio for my birthday. It was such a surprise and they, forming the Cosmic gift set, all happened to be ones that I really wanted to give a go but had not got round to picking up.

Lava Lamp bath bomb by Lush held over a bath of running water

When Lava Lamp first came out, a year or two ago now, it really intrigued me with the oily properties in the purple spots and how that would help to moisturise the skin whilst bathing. But of course water and such big bits of oil, even if they do break down in the hot water, do not tend to mix perfectly leaving puddles of purple on the top of the water (much like a lava lamp, who would have thought it…!).

The Lysh Lava Lamp bath bomb just starts to dissolve into the water

The scent of this product is absolutely delightful. Anything that comes with a waft of citrus without ending up smelling like toilet cleaner is a winner for me. As the orange of this product might suggest it has a tangerine like sweetness but also with a waft of zest too to help give it a fresh summery but also that it could work at Christingle time.

Purple oil swirls in orange water from Lush Lava Lamp bath bomb

It whizzed around the water well, not too quickly but was able to keep itself afloat, to give itself a lovely combination of orange bubbles with purple streaks of oil running throughout. The water went orange too, as you might expect, helping to make this feel like an energising and invigorating bath.

But those fascinating purple oil drops were going to come back to haunt me. I remember when this bath bomb first launched and how it stained people and baths up and down the country but then they took it away, reformulated it and on its return people said it was a lot better. I mean sure it didn’t stain either the bath or myself permanently but it did stick to everything that meant I had to give myself and the bath a bloody tough scrub afterwards.

Purple stain on bath with orange water from Lush Lava Lamp bath bomb

And sometimes a messy bath is a price worth paying if it leaves you feeling good and the scent of the product is delightful so that evening I happily cleaned up and got on with it.

The way my hair felt the day after though gives me the feeling that I did not do quite enough rubbing to get any oil removed from there. It is perhaps an important note and suggestion to anybody considering using this bath bomb to pop their hair in a shower cap out of oily waters way.

Purple stain on leg from Lava Lamp Lush bath bomb

I would happily consider getting this bah bomb again in the future, due to the enjoyable scent of the product, I just need to have a better strategy for it avoiding the hair and also perhaps seeing if there is a way to stop it sticking to the bath so much!

Have you tried this Lava Lamp bath bomb over the years? Have you seen a change in how it works or stains? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter or instagram.

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