Nick’s Cafe, Bromley

I love exploring new places and trying out new restaurants and cafes but when I go into a place and sit down before realising it has marble tables and white plates I feel like I’ve hit the Instagram dream.

On a trip out to Bromley to browse stores that are yet to land in Croydon, c’mon Wilko hurry up, we decided to get something to eat. We decided to walk down the parade where we know a board game cafe sits as it looked like the sort of spot you might find an independent cafe and sure enough we found Nick’s Cafe.

The outside of Nick’s with its maroon and light yellow signage plastered with the description “all day breakfast, paninis, omelettes, sandwiches” makes you think old school builder’s cafe greasy spoon but on looking through the window you can see a variety of people sitting around the tables and an eager sign telling you there is more seating upstairs.

Two smoothies on a marble table

We went inside and headed straight to the upstairs area, a light and airy space with empty photo frames on the walls, and took a seat at one of the tables spaciously arranged for customer comfort and privacy. Taking a closer look at the menu I do have to admit a level of surprise, a pleasing moment of joy that we had hit on something more interesting than just your bog standard food on offer, as we discovered that Nick’s is heavily influenced by Turkish cuisine.

Options such as an egg and bacon sandwich were on the menu but we decided to make the most of having something a little different, though we understood all the ingredients mentioned and what it would generally involve, and give the cafe’s speciality dishes a try.

Menemen and Turkish breakfast

my partner opted for a dish called menemen. It came with a basic description of being an omelette with pepper and a couple of other things and on arrival it looked amazing in an absolutely beautiful antique-style pan. A menemen is traditionally one pan egg dish and this one had pepper, tomato and onion mixed through it to make a half-way house between how I traditionally imagine an omelette and scrambled eggs.

It looked good and the bread, described on the menu as “Turkish bread”, a style of pitta really helped to imagine it as a dish where you do not need any cutlery for. My partner found it tasty enough but did struggle to get the egg to rest on the bread and has remarked that he wished there was some sort of sauce to help bind it together and that overall it was nothing incredible or stand out compared to most other egg dishes out there. Least it looked good!

Menemen close up

After umming and ahhing for a while I found myself unable to get away from the idea of the “Turkish breakfast” because hellooooo halloumi, olives and focaccia with extra added delights.

When it arrived I was beyond delighted with the presentation as everything was kept nicely separate and I am one of those eaters that does not mix foods together very often (and if I do I go from halloumi to halloumi and tomato to just tomato) but also it made it look simple and helped me to respect each ingredient in its own right.

Every single bit of the plate was cooked perfectly; the fried egg had a runny yolk, the halloumi was soft and warm but not rubbery, the bread was light and airy and so much more. By the end of the meal my tastebuds were more than satisfied and my belly was certainly full and content. My only wish was that they patted the sucuk (spicy Turkish sausage) a little to help remove some of the oil that had formed in the well but that is only a small minor criticism.

Turkish breakfast at Nick's Cafe, Bromley

The Turkish tea that came with the breakfast finally arrived and my partner decided to opt for a ‘dessert’ of a scone whilst I just sipped my tea with the idea of any more food being overwhelming.

We had taken bets on if the scone, which we argued about the pronunciation of, would be plain or fruity and there was a twinkle of delight in my partners eye when it had warm fruity bits of joy inside.

The scone came with a hefty dollop of butter and jam, the little dish for the jam had me swooning, and by the end of it my partner was certainly full too. Being warm the scone absorbed some of the butter as it was applied and it helped to give it that added little bit of moisture to make it “fantastic, soft, buttery” and I think he found it a real winner to consider returning there again in the future with £1.20 in hand to enjoy another.

Warm scone and teaPeople came in and out of the cafe throughout our time there, some just for a cup of tea and others for a family lunch, with the atmosphere being a pleasant one with everybody being able to have their conversations without the room becoming overwhelmed by chatter.

It was a really enjoyable meal and place to sit down to have a break from the shopping and charity shop trekking and I would recommend it to people going to Bromley as well as considering returning there myself (for the food as well as the marble instagrammable tables I promise).

Where is your favourite thing to either make at home for breakfast or order out? Let me know in the comments below or send me tweet!

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