Superdrug’s Chocolate Orange Self-Heating Mask

After dealing with the disaster that was the black seaweed mask by Superdrug I will have to admit I was pretty sceptical about returning back into the drawer of masks to try another one.

Whilst peel-off masks are often my favourite because of the satisfying feeling that removing it from your face gives there is something that forever attracts me to a self-heating mask (perhaps something to do with knowing just how well some I have used in the past have helped to clear my skin) and with that this one caught my attention.

The good thing about a self-heating mask is that you know exactly where you stand in terms of it only slightly drying out on your face but that there is no chance of it actually setting and that you will need to go in with a cloth. You know that you need to be careful if you attempt to move around whilst wearing it and I am okay with that (unlike a peel-off mask that is supposed to dry but never does…!).

Whilst this is clearly labelled as a chocolate orange mask the level of scent was well balanced in terms of not being too sweet from the chocolate and instead having some bitterness present with a ‘fresh’ kick of orange coming in afterwards to remind you of the infused oils into the product. It reminded me of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and with the nights closing in made me think about the approach of Christmas making it a great mask for the approaching season based on the scent alone.

The self-heating idea can be a terrifying one for some people and it is clear why given so many poor beauty products can leave faces feel like they are heating up and burning it is very easy to have a bad association with the feeling or the inability to know if the sensation is the mask doing its job or if it is actually burning. This is actually one of the more mild self-heating masks I have encountered and therefore it is a good place to start for anybody a little uncertain about it as whilst when you initially put it on your face the temperature change is fairly instant it quickly balances out and it becomes less obvious as the product goes over the whole face and it balances out.

With the self-heating factor being a bit more mild than others used this did seem to do a reasonable job of clearing the skin but did leave a few bits that were deeper into the skin, something a more powerful self-heater does not usually struggle with, but for an average face on an average day just needing a bit of a clear up and a boost this is absolutely perfect for the job.

How do you feel about self-heating masks and do you have a particular favourite?

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