The Day I Made A Birthday Cheesecake

My birthday weekend, about a month ago, did not exactly go to plan with half of the weekend being cancelled but instead of wallowing around my partner and I jiggled plans around and as well as going to my favourite cafe for brunch we also worked together (yes friends we can work together sometimes) to make a fantastic sounding no bake cheesecake that I spotted over on Jane’s Patisserie (which is where you can find the recipe for this if that’s all you are interested in).

No bake chocolate cheesecakeWe pretty much stuck to the original recipe but instead of doing Toffee Crisps in the filling and on top we got some knock off Mars Bars instead; we were not going near a proper supermarket to grab actual Toffee Crisps and places like Lidl are yet to get a knock off version of the crispy chocolatey gooey delights. One of the delights of Jane’s recipes is that additional elements can easily be amended/added/removed according to personal preference, what’s accessible and also matches your budget on a set day.

As it was for my birthday cheesecake we did opt for doing Coco Pops rather than Rice Krispies, or in our case Coco Rice, and mixing it together with the chocolate golden syrup mixture but in hindsight this was perhaps a little much given the richness of the rest of the cheesecake. My sweet tooth has massively declined over recent years so having a little bit more balance may have been wiser but that does not stop me from thinking the end result was delicious!

I also discovered that our old whisk was no longer with us and a replacement was, and still is, yet to come into our life and given we do not have a food processor or any fancy electrical gadget meant we had to do this with good old arm power. With this it is clearly possibly but it does mean that the mixture needs an extra couple of hours to properly set, as you can see from the premature tin removal in the picture, but once it does set there are no unwanted lumps present and it tastes just as good! If you are doing this recipe alone with only your arms you might need to have an extra bit of cereal that day or be just getting to the tough stage when a friend happens to be due to turn up.

From people that tried it and made comment of it I think it went down well and I would happily make it again, though with the amendments mentioned above, though make some personal changes with things like vanilla extract and so on simply so I could go through the joy of eating it all over again.

It was the first time that either of us had properly done a no bake cheesecake, I once accidentally (yes, I mean accidentally) made a baked one but that was about it, despite me being a hugeeee lover of cheesecake and it certainly provided us with some lessons of how to improve going forward! I have a few ideas for flavours and combinations going forward and hopefully they will come out successfully enough for me to share a recipe of my own with you in the near future. Though I might need to master getting it off of the baking tin tray for the next one because that was the only thing we struggled with and gave up on attempting.

What is your favourite type of cheesecake and have you ever attempted to give making one a try?

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