Rimmel’s #Insta Collection

I was so excited when the #Insta collection by Rimmel London landed on my doorstep a while ago as it contained a variety of products where the style of those products often pop up on my Instagram feed but I had not got round to trying anything similar.

Whilst looking forward to getting stuck in to trying out the range there was an element of concern about the quality of the products as it strikes as a very gimmicky collection and straying away from Rimmel’s usual product and with that I was unsure if the quality would have been compromised for aesthetics.

Applying makeup is something I really enjoy doing, when I manage to find the time, but I am by far an expert and with a face noticeably on the dry skin side (seriously how much water does a girl need to drink to hydrate the face?!) it can be a little difficult to judge how well certain products actually work. Please consider these two points when reading the review and that makeup is personal and will work in completely different ways on each person.

Rimmel's full range of #Insta products including creams, powders and spraysSeveral of the products sent to me are of course not the right shades for my skin tone and they are sitting in a box with other similar items waiting to be given a new home but that put a lot of pressure on the ones ‘designed’ for my complexion.

The light Conceal and Contour is something that I have found myself to be really struggling with. Whilst the cream product itself is easy to blend I have found that because of my dry skin it can seem to stick to certain areas and as a result look patchy but on the bits where no dry skin is obviously present it does a good job of being even and applying a sensible level of colouration. The highlight shade in here is the thing that I am probably most inclined to lean towards and especially on days where the makeup look is supposed to be subtle and more natural as it provides a nice level of glow without looking glittery. For me personally the contour shade has too much of a red/orange undertone is not something that I am able to apply, regardless of how much I blend, and make it work as it is far too warm toned for myself and feel that this would be the case for a lot of people that are so light-complected to find this set their ‘closest’ match.

The conceal and correct palette is by far the star of the show out of these four palettes as the creams provide a good level of colour pay off whilst being easy to blend out ensuring that the colour is not present during the end result. I have found that these products tend to work better when applied on top of foundation as they blend in easier whereas on a primed only face they seem to hover over the skin and then reject being blended with the later applied foundation; this could easily just be my skin type though. They work well for covering up mild imperfections but the green would not suit covering up larger patches of redness.

Whilst the trio palettes do not win me over that much I can see them working for a number of people and using a product out of a pan is always a lot easier than using a cream in a different form and the general texture of the contour highlight duo sticks really does not help to make it any easier. Whilst you should be able to draw the line and blend it out this seems to be impossible as the product is not creamy enough, probably as a result of needing to hold its shape in stick form, and as a result you end up with a harsh line on your face or trying so hard that the foundation around it becomes unsettled. These are the products in the line that I would be most inclined to tell people to avoid but some people have been raving about them so perhaps this is just a case of me not having the right tools or skills for the job to make it a seamlessly smooth bit of contouring or highlighting.

I have never really had a big issue with setting sprays, some are better than others but none have been what I would describe as bad, as for me I mainly use them as a way to help blend all the products together and to give it more of a seamless look rather than using them to enhance the life of my makeup. Whilst this one helps to bring all the makeup on my face together in the right ways we really need to have a discussion about the spray pump itself because unless you hold this thing about 60cm away from your face it is like getting pranked by a clown; the spray comes out in one jet before slowly fanning out into a sprinkle of liquid which makes this is a risky product to use until you master the art of the pump. As long as you keep this at arms length then this is a product that helps to keep makeup together, does not feel like it dries the skin out and provides a good level of not shiny face but also not sanded down matte.

The fix and matte powder is something that I have avoided trying purely down to the dry nature of my skin and me generally trying to avoid full face powders but on swatching it the powder felt comfortable without being chalky or overly heavy and if you find yourself with oily patches throughout the day then this may be worth trying out. If you have tried this, or any of the other products out in this line, please do let me know as I would love to hear your thoughts!

Overall, the line has a few good pieces such as the conceal and correct palette, the liquid itself inside the fix and go bottle and the highlighter shade in the conceal and correct light palette but there are a few misses for me and my skin type and skin tone that could easily be resolved with a slightly greater variety of shades or a tweaking of the formula. Of course changing the formula or colour selection would result in them not working for other people so this is much more a “boo, I just want normal skin with better undertones” than a boo at the actual products. If you see them in store and they have a sampler available be sure to swatch them and see how they blend and fingers crossed they will work like a dream for you!

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