Afters, Croydon

A while ago I finished work on a hot Sunday and with not spending much time with my partner over the weekend or on weekday evenings we finally got around to going for the waffles and ice cream we intended to go for several months earlier.

We opted to go to the one closest to my work, a short walk from the office and also a short walk to getting the bus afterwards although we then walked into town to do some chores instead, as from walking by on previous occasions there are usually people inside but it is never super busy.

We took a seat and had menus delivered to the table and a short while to ponder what we wanted before placing our order. As is always the way one of the flavours of ice cream that I wanted to go with my chocolate waffle and caramel sauce was unavailable so instead I opted for cookie dough and raspberry ripple.

The raspberry ripple was incredibly subtle and lacking the usual flavour you would expect from an ice cream of that name and given I have had ice cream from this place on the go before I know that the ice cream can and often does pack flavour but this one was just missing that punch.

Luckily the ice cream helped to make the waffle seem a little less dry and heavy as the mixture was not particularly light and fluffy but instead noticeably dense which given we have a waffle maker at home and have eaten other waffles out it just did not seem quite right. I feel that they maybe added the chocolate to the mixture without taking some of the flour quantity out.

For the shake I opted for a Daim chocolate bar shake and again was a little surprised as in my mind Daim is an incredibly sweet chocolate bar and will not blend up that perfectly but this seemed to be lacking that caramel sweet whack aftertaste and was blended so smoothly. It left me feeling that this was created with flavourings rather than the actual product.

Overall I was actually disappointed with the experience and will just stick to getting ice cream on the go in future, whilst avoiding the raspberry ripple one, and if I want waffle or shake going to one of the other options in town (perhaps everybody else has the same issues as me and that is why it is not as busy as the other places in town).

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