Oreo Thins

It always amazes me how long Oreos have been around for and if you have ever watched Buffy you may remember how early on in the show they are made reference to. They seem like the sort of thing that would be a fad and fade away after a couple of years but over FORTY YEARS they are still going and constantly coming up with new flavours and ideas.

At times it has felt like everybody adores an Oreo  but generally, apart from the peanut butter ones that I am not supposed to eat, they just really do not wow me at all and as for the whole twisting and dipping thing… that is just a concept I cannot get around because biscuits go in hot drinks not cold milk in my mind. Anybody else struggle with the licking, twisting and dipping thing?

So naturally I found myself being pretty sceptical about an Oreo trying to be thin because how much different could they really be?! Well it turns out that, like a lot of things, I was super wrong about these. These are incredible.

Not only are they that little bit crunchier, due to them being that bit thinner and sealed in a foil packet, but the flavour of the actual biscuit seems to be that little bit more flavourful. The smaller amount of creme style filling also massively helped to make this better than a normal Oreo as it reduced the artificial sweetness too and instead allowed for more focus on the biscuits themselves.

These are seriously delicious and enjoyable and I will, without doubt, opt for these if they are on sale in the future (though when you only get 16 of them in a box they need to be on serious discount for them to feel worth the cost).

If you have tried these before or try them as a result of this post please share your thoughts in the comments below or send me a tweet as I would love to know whether it is just me that thinks these are great!

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