Lush Cosmetics Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

I sometimes think that it is only worth talking about Christmas products at the matching time of year but given that some people get Christmas sets and make them last all the way through or of course they resurface the following year it seemed reasonable to share my thoughts on the Golden Wonder bath bomb by Lush Cosmetics.

The golden wonder bath bomb, shaped like a parcel in gold and white, sits ready to enter the bath and fizz away

It has a reasonable scent kick off that does linger throughout the bath and on the skin afterwards but despite having several baths with these in and reading the various ingredients the specific notes are not that obvious. It smells a little musky, especially at the beginning, and until it settles even reminds me a little of damp. The earthy woody scent does quickly fade, thank goodness, and a new aroma kicks in which is okay and tolerable but does not knock my socks off.

You can shake one of these, like a child would when they can see the presents but are not allowed to open them yet, and it will give you a little rattle of something inside. As the product melts and fades away a blue inside is revealed, combined with the gold glitter on the outside, much like a tranquil sea with the waves coming in and out that is the colour that the water turns.

The main bugbear I have with this product is the amount of glitter. It looks nice when whole and as a thick layer throughout the water but when it comes to cleaning the bath or trying to get ready for work the next day and finding loads of little bits shining through your make-up it quickly becomes frustrating. Having it on your arms is one thing, and at least during winter here in the UK the sun is somethint unknown so it does not beam down and turn you into a glitterball, but your face and hair is quite another.

I would consider getting more of these next year, early into the festive season, so I can enjoy the glitter in suitable Christmas related events rather than having to try and explain it come February.

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