Giving To My #GoodEgg This Easter

Good eggs for cooking are pretty easy to find thanks to the way they are selected and gathered for selling but find the good egg amongst people can be quite a challenge.

On twitter all those trolls and spam bots are profile pictureless eggs and are clearly the bad eggs in society. The bad eggs always get more attention than the good as we go about moaning about things that have been done or said and as a result we tend to forget about praising the good eggs in our life.

So when Co-op reached out to me to share a surprise with a good egg in my life I was not going to turn it down but then I had to decide which of the good eggs in my life would be the lucky receiver.

A blue box of items for the co-op Easter 2017 campaign

In the end I opted to hide them around the flat for my parter as he really does have to put up with a lot and puts up with me so incredibly well.

Since I started working and whenever I do late shifts or a super early shift he makes sure food is on the go or ready for me to eat as soon as I get in. Now, despite losing several stone in weight in the last six months, I love my food and get super angry when hungry so having somebody willing to ensure food is there is super important.

If that was not enough he is the only person that daily has to endure my tales of work and life despite them being incredibly dull but he still sits there with the odd nod and interaction. He could have put a ban on work chat unless genuinely important but he has not.

In fact sometimes he will meet me from work or do chores like cutting the grass as well as doing his own ironing. They may be small regular tasks but it is always great to know tasks are not just on one person to carry out.

There are times when he forgets to be a good egg! I recently asked him to get me a Double Decker and meet me from the bus stop and instead he got loads of random items with no chocolate bar and did not manage to meet me at the bus stop. A tragedy.

Who’s the good egg in your life and how are you rewarding them this Easter?

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