Empties of 2017: #2

After having a huge tidy up and organising session in the bedroom it was clearly time to take a snap of the empties and throw all the trash away. Some of the items below were used by my partner but I have the odd comment to make on them and I thought it might make these empties a bit more interesting and varied to usual.

Candles, makeup, skincare and more laid out

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

These wipes were pretty good. This was a little travel sized pack with seven wipes in that I got sent to review from Influenster so they did not last a huge amount of time.

They were super parked with moisture, without being sticky to the face, and did a great job at removing the grime and makeup on my face. I normally use a face wipe as an initial stage for removing my makeup before going in with my cleanser as I find otherwise I go through a lot more cleanser and that stuff is far more costly than some face wipes!

Recently a lot of skincare products have not settled well on my skin but these helped to soothe through cooling and did not seem to cause any additional breakouts. They are a bit more expensive than general face wipes so I would only recommend purchasing these if you are going away and are limited on luggage space and want to avoid taking numerous bottles with you.

ASDA Cotton Blossom Hand Wash

This stuff lasted ages as it lathers up really well meaning you only need a small pump rather than like some where you need several pumps just to feel like it gets all over your hands.

But it did not feel extremely cleansing on the hands. It does not mention on the packaging any germ killing properties and it feels so soft and gentle that I struggle to imagine it actually doing anything that you want a hand wash to do.

The scent matches the feel of it on your hands which is great for it not leaving a lingering scent on your hands or it clashing with some other scent you are carrying around but that also adds to the feeling that it does not really do anything useful.

ASDA Cotton Blossom Bath Foam

Much like the above product this lathers up really well and a small amount can produce so many bubbles in the bath.

The general lack of scent means this can be mixed with other products such as a bath oil or Lush bath bomb without the scents clashing or being muted by another product.

But as mentioned in previous empties I am sort of over this range of bubble bath and will be looking for something to make bath time feel a little bit more luxurious.

Vaseline Aloe Sensitive 48hr Protection Anti-Perspirant

Another empties post means another anti-perspirant.

I have recently come to the conclusion that spray anti-perspirant just is not as effective and long lasting as I would like it to be. With this stuff I would walk to work and have to top up in the bathroom before going to the office; this stuff seems to make a tiny bit of sweat 10× MORE obbvious rather than covering it up.

Colgate Advanced White Toothpaste

I seem to have found a toothpaste I am happy with and have repurchased. Need I say more? It is minty but not overly so and it does not leave that weird aftertaste plus it feels like it is doing the job. Not sure about the whitening but hey ho!

Tango Orange Hand Soap

As you may imagine, this stuff seemed a little sticky. It lacked foaming power and whilst it truly did give your hands a bit of a zing in smell that was about it. This stuff sounds far cooler than it is and really is nothing to write home about or rush out to purchase.

What possessed me to buy it in the Poundstretcher several years ago in the first place is beyond me but I did and now, to every single person’s delight, it is gone.

Joules Bath Fizzers

I got this box of four, somewhat egg shaped fizzers in the egg carton style box, from my Mum at Christmas and given I love a good bath and trying out new products could not wait to give these a go.

The one thing you cannot accuse Joules of here and that is under-packaging. Whilst the majority of it is cardboard or paper and therefore able to be recycled it does make for quite a lot of effort to get in to each product once the initial novelty has worn off. You remove the sleeve to open the box and from there you need to unwrap each fizzer from its paper and then work through a tightly wrapped piece of plastic that needs at least nail scissors to break through!

Luckily it is not a product you want to put in right as you start to run the water and put the plug in and you have a bit of time to work your way in to reach the floral smelling egg. The scent, even in solid form, was not too overwhelming but there was certainly a perfume-floral hint in the air though this was further diluted when it hit the water.

Whilst the scent was not that strong and with it being a bath fizzer it did not produce many bubbles it did help to moisturise the water and leave the skin feeling a little softer than usual on leaving the water.

They fail to have enough of a scent or produce enough bubbles for me to consider fighting through the packaging and purchasing more but they were cute and fun to use for the four baths they lasted!

Humble Housewife Pomegranate Soy Candle

This candle caused me a bit of frustration. There was something weird about the wick that no matter how much I left it or trimmed it or only let it burn for a set amount of time it just frayed and struggled to hold a flame.

After talking with the lovely lady that produces them she was baffled too, suggested some solutions and offered to send me a different candle (I was just happy with figuring out how to get this one going again!). I took it more gently after that and it has taken a fair while to use up.

The scent was fresh and whilst noticable also gentle; there really was a level of it smelling like a freshly cut pomegranate and somehow like they were popping away in your mouth. It could easily have been paired up with a spice scented candle for the autumn and winter but on its own it proved subtle and as a good air freshener for all year round.

Whilst the jar was lovely and part of me wanted to keep it to put some little item in the reality is I have enough proper trinket boxes and places to store items for several lifetimes so holding onto a jar seemed silly when it could go to better use via a recycling centre instead.

Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion

Me and this stuff just do not get along. It feels watery and oily at the same time whilst struggling to sink into the skin resulting in a light layer of film across the face.

It remained too tacky for me to be able to apply make-up on top by me using it at the start of the day and then too tacky to use it as night as my hair stuck to it as I got cosy in bed. 

This is of course a product that will work incredibly for one and not at all for another. Several people I know find this as a great first step in their make-up routine and use it before or instead of a primer so it clearly just disagrees with my very extreme combo skin. 

Beyond everything if it went anywhere near my eyes it caused them to fog over and sting, even when I made a concious effort to steer well clear of them it still seemed to find a way up there. Products like that make me incredibly nervous and I am glad these were just sample sizes rather than the full thing.

Nail Paint by Barry M (19)

At last after getting rid of the other nail paint bought with this one during 2016 they can be reunited once more in nail paint bottle heaven.

I did not get quite to the point of actually finishing this one as it thickened up and got too gloopy to apply but given there was maybe one more application left in the bottle anyway it is not too bad going given how long it had managed to hang around for.

It was a nice subtle pink blush shade but it never actually worked super well against the tone of my skin, something you don’t realise when buying nail paint at 15, but it worked okay as a muted daily shade.

Avon Colortrend Oil Control Translucent Powder

Do I even want to talk about how old this product is and how many house moves it went through? Or about how this is my second one in those number of years and how it took me until recently to actually realise what it does to my skin? Not really.

I have really heavy combo skin where both ends are super extreme and in fact there are patches that produce a lot of oil to try and stop them being dry.. essentially my face can look a bit of a mess sometimes. As a result the last thing I need is something that sticks and clings on to the dry skin patches even when all the rest of my makeup has faded away.

The shade, the texture and even when new the smell was not great. What was younger me thinking?!

So…? Rio Body Spray

There is no way you would use this at the start of your day and I did not even try. 

It smells alright, in a chokes you the minute it goes in the air way, but is nothing more than a product to freshen up an anti-perspirant that cannot do the job. 

It lived in my bag for little emergencies and whilst I received this in a giveaway I would not say it was worth the money to go out and purchase one.

DKNY Red Delicious 50ml

After using up this perfumes older sister, the original green apple, I decided this was the next one I needed to work through. Saying goodbye to this was just as difficult as getting rid of the previous one because of the memories they held of my partner purchasing me them.

But holding on to them for the memories, that I will remember without the physical process, would be such a waste of the product itself.

When I was younger this product was super enjoyable to smell and it made me feel good about myself but times change and the scents I am interested in too. There is nothing wrong with the notes in this perfume but it just doesn’t wow me anymore and as a result using it up so I can focus on ones I prefer makes me happy too.

Nivea Pearl&Beauty 48hr Anti-Perspirant

This stuff works so much better for me than spray stuff but I also think it might be to do with how much it feels comfortable to apply and how easy it is to cover every part of your underarm.

There was no particular scent to this one which was nice but it also meant that, because I shower or bath on an evening, if I sweated on a night or if in theory I was going to swim this stuff doesn’t help eliminate the existing ‘pong’. How glamourous.

Superdrug Keep Cool and Sensitive Touch 48hr Anti-Perspirants

This stuff choked me whenever my partner sprayed it but he was keen to repurchase the Keep Cool one a few days ago.. seriously he had two to choose from and honed straight in on it.. so it looks like I’ll be coughing away into the duvet on mornings where he starts earlier than me for a while longer.

Palmolive Nourishing Delight Shower Milk and Cien Raspberry Shampoo

Again my partner used both of these. They had a pleasing scent that wasn’t overwhelming on the hair or body (not that I go round sniffing him *ahem*) but the shampoo did enough to produce a gentle and pleasant lingering scent in the bathroom.

He doesn’t really have any specific hair or body needs so literally everything works for him and as a result he just goes for whatever is cheap and cheerful (lucky!).

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