Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Egg ‘n’ Spoon Oreo

Easter is still such a long time away (at least I think it is.. I haven’t really ever cared about it for anything other than the holiday and bank holidays it brought) but pretty much since the first week or two of January the chocolate and other edible items have creeped into the supermarket. As soon as Valentine’s Day was done with that was it bonnets to decorate and yellow ribbon started to get there own displays.. as did the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Egg’n’ Spoons and the latest addition to the family the Oreo filled one.

The faux purple egg carton that actually hosts four chocolate treats and two spoons

I remember trying the original sort a few times when they first came out but found myself returning to the Caramel Egg or Creme Egg instead with the price of these egg and spoons working out slightly more expensive but these ones had caught my attention and so many people were raving about them on Instagram that I just had to give them a go.

The product has four foil wrapped chocolate eggs in a purple egg carton to mimic the real thing

The whole spoon thing continues to frustrate me though as there are only two spoons in the box. I get this keeps the cost of production down a little but I always partly imagined a family sitting down and tucking into these but it is a bit hard to do if you lack enough spoons. Instead having two spoons encourages people to have two eggs at a time because otherwise why would there only be two spoons? I mean are we supposed to wash and keep the spoons rather than recycling them and build up a collection for a wild Egg ‘n’ Spoon eating get together?

Whilst packaging of a product is far from an important factor for me I do like that the box itself can easily be recycled (well it could be if your council did paper and cardboard recycling bins for those of us without cars to stockpile it up and take it to the tip) or reused for a kids art project at school. The two colours on the foil won me over as well though I am still a little on edge about the fact they weren’t all blue at the top when I opened the box but ow well not all eggs in a box look identical eh!

The egg lays flat on the top of the carton alongside a tiny purple plastic spoon

After washing my spoon before use and finding out which egg would be the first to crack under the pressure I decided to tuck in. One of the things that is difficult to get around is that the top of the egg cannot obviously be cracked or smashing without using your hand as the spoon is not strong enough; to me this is a shame because one of the great things about boiled eggs is tapping your spoon around the edge and whisking the top bit away to be scooped out.

The naked egg sits in the egg carton box and looking like it has been cracked with a chick waiting to pop out

Once the top bit had been removed, with my teeth, and eaten I was reminded of just how thin the chocolate is and how quickly it can melt in the mouth. The lower part of the egg is a little thicker but still have a very noticable easter egg chocolate consistency and taste to it rather than something like an actual bar of Dairy Milk.

The funny piped Oreo inside of an easter egg style product by Cadburys

The egg itself, much like a packet of crisps, was pretty much half filled and even then it just about managed that impression thanks to the dollop raised up as a result of the piping method used to get the product inside. I mean cmon Cadburys your image on the box sleeve is fooling nobody but you could at least try to make it roughly realisitic ratio wise.

Despite the slight lack of it the filling was super tasty with some sweetness and also some bitterness from the crushed up Oreo bits mixed in. It did not taste exactly like an Oreo, more like Oreo buttercream that you often find on and inside cupcakes, but that made it more delicious to me. In fact if somebody put this stuff into a jar for me to just scoop out forgetting about the chocolate I woule be a happy bunny!

Have you given these or any of the filling types a try? I’d love to know your thoughts on them and if you think £2 for a box of four eggs and two spoons is worthwhile.

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