Rimmel’s Brow This Way Range

Brows. The nations biggest love after tea, queuing and debating whether pineapple has a place on pizza.

Whatever your natural brows look like its all about making them look more defined, bold and not allowing a single hair to fall out of place. Instead of plucking them within a mm of their lives they are now carefully observed at a magnifying mirror for any that will ruin that perfect shape.

So for Rimmel’s next big full range launch it made sense for them to up their brow game. They are certainly brow ready but are you ready to #BrowWithCara? 

The full range of the brow this way collection including various shades and product information by Rimmel

I got through two seperate packages from Rimmel, both of which to review and share, but as always my thoughts on the products and the shade range will be 100% my own.

Let me start by saying I am no brow guru as I have gaps in places that struggle to be filled naturally and no matter how carefully I observe there is always a rogue little hair making things look unrefined. Essentially brows are not my speciality so I am always on the look out for the perfect product to make them look polished but with minimal effort from me.

A powder is my usual first step with a slightly darker one near the bridge of my nose and one just a touch lighter as the eyebrow approaches the edge of my head. My brows are a really traditional brunette and I found the darker shade of powder and gel to be a little too intense whilst the lighter shade was lighter than I needed so some combination work was required. There was no fallout during application and it did not leave the brows looking powdery but for me the lack of a shade just right for me means these are products I will only use when there is time to mix them together seamlessly.

With the gel I immediately cast aside the blonde one to the stack of goodies to give to a charity/shelter or a friend and then debated between the two darker shades before doing the same with both of them. None of the shades work perfectly for me with one being too light and the other too dark and based on the chronological numbrs on the products part of me is doubtful a new shade will be slotting in between any time soon. The clear one works well with the wand helping to apply a light coat that does not overwhelm the brows and does not leave them sticky or crunchy to the touch. It assisted in getting my brows to stay in place but after a long day at work with the occasional sweats they seemed to be the usual chaotic brows I experience on a daily basis.

The pencils worked a bit better for me shade wise as a lighter hand allowed for a more gentle colour pay off and the formula seemed easy to brush through and soften once it had been applied. The little spoolies in the powders are much better than those on the end of the pencils and I found them to tug at my skin and bring about *gross alert* dead skin to the surface – nobody wants dandruff brows! The pencil product lasted well and did not smug beyond the intended places and maintained a colour to enhance boldness and definition to the brows though nothing screams extra special about these compared to most other high street brow products.

With the highlighting pencil I feel it is just completely the wrong shade for me as usually something yellow-toned would suit me better but the one sent is red based and generally appeared a little too dark for my skin. Instead of highlighting under my brow it made it darker and looked out of place against my matte eyeshadows. The texture was lovely and it was easy to apply and blend out but this is just one thing that will not work for my exact skintone.

The full range of four shades of the latest edition to the Brow This Way family. Some people may need to mix a couple of shades to get the perfect flawless brow colour.

The brow shake filling powders come in similar shades to the other products but this time I cast aside the blonde and black ones without even opening the product. Some people are going to have some smashing brows once they get these goodies!

Again one shade was a little too light and the other a bit too dark and it proved to be difficult to blend without it becoming too much and looking like a pair of over dramatic brows that a clown might opt for. They also produced a little bit of fall out from the wand to being applied to the brow despite tapping the product off and inside the product before raising it to the face. Other people have been raving about them though so there is a chance I am just extremely clumsy when it comes to trying to use a loose powder for brow inprovements.

With all these products I can see how they will work for specific people and how most of them appear to be good from the numerous times I have used them since receiving them but for me the shade range makes them a no go and think this will be the case for a lot of people.

They are available to purchase from Boots, Superdrug and any other store or supermarket that has a Rimmel display. Prices for each product do vary and shades are slightly different inside the product than on the packaging so be sure to check with the tester that the product will work for your brows before purchasing!

Have you given any of these products a go? I would love to hear your thoughts on these or any of your favourite brow items in the comments below!

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