Lush Cosmetics Satsuma Bath Bomb

Satsuma is such a strong smell; somebody peels one on the bus and regardless of where you are sitting the smell will waft over to you.

Satsuma is a love or hate it smell as well as taste but if you love it and seek it out then you want it to have a real punch. If you go for a satsuma bath bomb full of orange oil there is a reasonable chance you want it to fill the room just like a freshly peeled satsuma does on a bus.

The whole pastel orange bath bomb has one last chance to shine before fizzing away

When the bath bomb is whole you are able to put your nose close, but not right on it, and get a really good whiff of satsuma. It is not the freshest scent but it is still uplifting, vibrant and an accurate representation without feeling stale or old.

The shape and colour of the bath bomb could be a bit more accurate as the wells dotted across it are rather larger than those that would be found on a satsuma and instead it would be better to be plain to give it that shiny and slightly slippy feel. Additionally the colour comes across as a more pastel orange and like a bit of satsuma that has been left in the sun causing it to dry out rather than the bright and exciting peel the ballistic should be representing based on the design.

Yet it hit the water and boom the smell just vanished and that seems to be the general consensus among Lush users online. Scoop the water up to your nose, leave the room and return or even smelling the remaining bit of the ballistic before it disappears and you will get nothing. Making it great for people that like the theatre of a product but not a lingering scent.

The ling lingering bright yellow star would look more in place with shoot for the stars rather than the satsuma bath bomb

Eventually (and I really mean after what felt like an eternity) the bomb fizzled away and revealed this unexpected bright yellow star in the middle. Giving it a sniff did not help explain the mystery and as it disappeared so slowly it was not full of an extra boost of oily goodness. The star just floated around bashing against my leg for a good 15 minutes until the temptation to crush it with my hands overwhelmed me.

Why they thought putting a bright yellow star inside a satsuma product has left me bewildered for several days now and I am no nearer to finding the answer; not that I really want to waste my time on it because even if it is really clever the rest of the product is such a let down it is rather pointless.

The rather vivid coloured bath water as a result of the lush ballistic

As for the colour of the water I am very reluctant to talk about it at all. Putting the flash on when taking the photo made it look a lot more orange based but sitting in the water and looking down at it there was a much stronger vibe of somebody having their first piss after a really heavy weekend of drinking and forgetting to have any water throughout that time. The colour was rancid and it made it hard to relax in it when that thought is stuck in your head throughout.

A complete disappointment, which is appearing to be a theme with the products I have tried so far from the 2016 Christmas Lush collection, but luckily I was able to get out the bath and lather myself in a orange scented body butter that smelled exactly like I hoped the bath bomb would.

Have you used this bath bomb? Would you agree it is the worst in the collection?

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