Nachos On Pizza?

From hotdogs filling crusts to bugers in buns on top as part of the topping pizzas have recently seen it all. Pizza is big business and companies feel the need to constantly reinvent things and add more choices to the menu but in doing so they have attempted to bring other cuisines into the pizza form and without doubt often do it badly; think chinese chicken, broken onion bhajis and so on.

Then the other day I was looking to order some frozen pizza as part of the food shopping to give us something to have on one of the day I knew we would be rushing between getting in and needing to leave again and I spotted the Tex Mex Nacho Beef pizza with sourdough.

It tex your tongue stateside – The claim on the ASDA box

Somebody may need to enlighten me on what I did wrong because it barely got my tastebuds warmed up let alone whizzing them off to the USA. 

The base just tasted like every other thin crust pizza I have eaten and I feel that to me an American pizza is slightly deeper than something so thin unless it is a rustic Italian-American eatery. 

Whilst nachos were present they looked like they were the remains of a bag stood on by a heard of elephants and crumbled on top. They were so small that their taste was too diluted from other ingredients and they did nothing to add texture to the pizza either.

The beef was ground and again fairly small to the point it added no texture as it remained soft rather than starting to crisp up. It had minimal flavour and could have done with some basic seasoning being added to it before getting ground and put onto a pizza.

Half an ASDA tex mex nacho beef pizza aims to go stateside against a stonebaked spinach and ricotta pizza.

A battle of the plate – nachos v ricotta

All the other ingredients were standard in flavour and appearance though the chillis, rated as a two for hotness by ASDA, could be eaten alone and came across more sweet than spicy. It needed more moisture, such as added cheese or more of a tomtato base, as I put it in for the minimum amount of time required and everything had pretty much gone. Luckily I had a Spinach and Ricotta Stonebaked pizza which was absolutely delightful to save the day and by far a better and much more simple and traditional concept.

I can see that nachos on pizza could work but that they need to be a bit more obvious and be placed in a way that helps them to remain crunchy on the pizza and help add flavour as well. It was unlikely it was going to work out fantastically on a frozen pizza but I think ASDA need to go back to the drawing board and redesign this entire thing.. or better stick to the good combos we know and love rather than trying to make everything “Stateside”. 

What is the most unusual thing you have ever had on a pizza?

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