Lush Cosmetics Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb

If something has a fruit oil in as one of the main notes then it is probably going to be a winner for me so when I spotted this had orange oil in I could not wait to give it a go. As if that was not enough it also has bergamot, an orange that leans more towards lemon, making it even more fruity and delightful in scent.

Smelling it in its whole state Shoot For The Stars smells very warming and very much like Christmas but I know this would not be for everybody; my Mum for instance would not only hate the smell of this but run a mile from any bath water that contains citrus oils.

Three gold sparkly stars are placed in the top half of the round blue sphere.

Stars in a beautiful kobalt blue setting

Like so many products from Lush it looks so very pretty in its full form and seems like a little bit of a shame to put it in the water and let it fade away but it also means the real magic of the produce can be revealed.

Shoot for the stars pulled from the water as it has started to fizz. The stars are sticking out and now bright orange against the blue shrinking sphere

Pulled from the action to admire the stars

This ballistic, compared to Northern Lights, is such a fast fizzer and it zooms off round the bath creating a lovely deep blue shade in the water. The colour is far less bright than it appears in the whole form but it is such a relaxing and enjoyable colour; like a clear nights sky just before the sun completely fades away.

As it fizzed away the gold from the stars went into the water making it look very similar to Lush’s Golden Surprise; it did result in me walking around rather like a glitterball the following day as the glitter just seemed to stick to me and my face but I guess that is the price you have to pay for a pretty looking bath.

The stars from the bath bomb continued to bob on the top of the water after the rest of the bomb had gone. I grabbed two of them to admire in my hand for a moment.

Two of the three stars from the bath bomb still going strong

The stars were clearly made from a much more resistant set of ingredients as these held out throughout the rest of the bomb fizzing and by which point they were still maintaining the star shape. Whilst they looked pretty bobbing around in the water for a while they did very little to the actual colour of the water but the theatre of the product still made it worthwhile.

I feel like everybody else can really smell Lush bath bombs once they have fizzled away into the water so using this one I smelled the bath bomb as it was half gone and also really tried to get a whiff of the water at multiple points of the bath and the scent really seemed to dilute and practically fade away.

This is possibly one of the least wowing products from Lush I have used throughout the years and I cannot see myself running to this if it hits the shelves again next Christmas collection.

It was just so mreh and despite all those oils my skin did not feel super soft like it usually does after a Lush product is used in the bath and instead I was just covered in glitter and itchy (the glitter in other products doesn’t normally make me itchy so I’m not sure what it was).

Does anybody else find it hard to pick up the scent of the bath bombs once they hit the water?

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