13 Stocking Fillers For Less Than £5

Every year people together Christmas gift guides and they are full of fantastic items and really useful tips but this year I have increasingly noticed people discussing “stocking fillers for under £15” or including a £25 gift in their stocking filler gift guide.

I do not care how small something is in size if it costs more than £5 I refuse to call it a stocking filler. £7.99 is a small gift. Generally secret Santa groups agree no more than £10 for the entire thing because it is supposed to be something small and fun, much like a stocking filler, but suddenly stocking fillers seem to be taking on the “small in size” identity. Sure that set of three lipsticks might be £15, making it £5 per lipstick, but that deserves its own recognition and that is still a hefty chunk of money.

For my stocking fillers are supposed to be the traditional things and also small treat but essential items; your favourite shampoo or chocolate bar, the things people know you love and need with a small price point. So after people said to me “you can’t get anything good for £5 these days” I decided to create this little gift guide to prove otherwise – perfect for stocking fillers or a secret Santa.

  1. An individual fancy Lush bubble bar. One like The Comforter comes in at £4.95 and can comfortably see three or four uses.
  2. A travel mug. These are available in so many supermarkets and even clothing shops that there are so many colours, styles and sizes to choose from. A lot are available for under £5 and work just as well as ones in a higher price bracket.
  3. Some really good shampoo. The banana shampoo by The Body Shop costs £5 but only a small amount is needed, even for really long hair, and it does an incredible job of strengthening hair and leaving it soft but strong too. They also do a conditioner which costs £5.
  4. Get them something sweet. Either make up your own chocolate selection box by getting a few of their favourite bars, avoiding their least favourite sitting around for ages, or get them a box of their favourite sweets such as Wine Gums or getting a pick n mix selection for them.
  5. A single but good quality nail polish. These are again available in a whole variety of places and a lot of cosmetic sellers have offers at the minute that would allow you to get them several items to wrap up separately, treat yourself or get items for other people as well.
  6. If they like to make notes, lists or schedule things than good quality notepads with good patterns come at reasonable price points. From spiral notebooks to the more traditional opening notepad there are many stylish options for a variety of interests and ages.
  7. Get them their usual make-up sponge but from a verified discount store for less. Whilst something has an RRP of £5.99 that does not mean it is impossible to find for less than that. The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is currently at TJ Hughes for £3.97.
  8. If they cook in the kitchen or are known for making a bit of a mess then an apron is always a winner. It is the sort of thing people are unlikely to purchase for themselves but will appreciate having in their life. Whether it is an elegant design like this Linea Dotty Hen apron or a more traditional red striped one.
  9. A festive candle. It might not be opened until Christmas but a lot of Christmas scents are just winter ones in general and therefore there will still be plenty of time left to burn it. A simple cute votive or a box of tealights, as long as they like candles you are pretty much onto a winner! Just consider what sort of scent they usually go for.
  10. New laces or shoe cleaning gear. This especially applies if they were one pair of sturdy shoes a lot, such as Doc Marten’s, as the laces are often the first things to go. You can either get them identical replacements or something a bit more ‘them’.
  11. If somebody wears earrings or jewellery a lot or perhaps just has a lot of odd bits and bobs scattered around their dressing table then a little way to contain it all will be fantastic. Whether it is a box, something like this cute plate or a ring holder they do not take up a lot of room, are reasonably priced and save a scramble for the lost items every morning.
  12. Get them something to soothe their skin. For the men there is Cowshed’s Bullocks Cracker whilst for women they have an equally beautiful cracker. It is a brilliant brand that people generally would not treat themselves to but at Christmas it seems a great idea to give something a little more special whilst still affordable and in a cute cracker!
  13. Everybody has a bad skin day, especially in winter! Get them a face mask to allow themselves to have a good pamper session. Something like a cucumber one is generally good for box genders, fairly gentle and cooling on the skin whilst also being effective. Alternatively Avon have some brilliant alternatives to target the skin differently. Ones that come in a tube are great as it allows them to use as much as they like and it lasts longer without fingers having to be scooped into the product!

What are you favourite items for under £5 or what would you recommend as a stocking filler this Christmas?

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