Getting Back Into Using Products Up

Since starting work my self-care routine has completely gone out of the window and with that the amount of products I touch, let alone use up, has decreased massively too.

whilst new products have generally stopped coming into my life I still have a huge backlog of items to work through and the amount of stuff I have in my life at the minute is really overwhelming me.

The stuff I have in the cupboards, in the boxes and on the chest of drawers are all things that I want to use up and try out but finding the enthusiasm to pick them up or look after my skin etc has been pretty diminished recently. And that only stresses me out more as I have the things for me time but am struggling to justify the me time and I am hoping that my need to clear my mind by de-cluttering items around me will help to force me to find the time.

For me using stuff up is not just about de-cluttering the space around me and allowing me to think clearer but also because it makes each day seem like a little treat to myself and in my effort to save money that helps trick my brain into thinking I do not need to reward myself with a purchase because I have already purchased things to use. That might not make any sense to you but in my head it creams logic.

If I am not using the products up that I purchased or were given to me out of generosity and kindness then I am not doing myself justice and the whole reason of me working to have money to buy nice things for myself is pointless. I need to learn to love myself and to remember that things that are purchased are to be used and it takes barely any time at all to apply a bit of cream here and there.

I have set out some reminders to myself to help me use up products:

  • Telling myself if I have a time for a bath I have the time to apply various products, such as lotion or body butter, when I get out.
  • Putting a select few products so they are more in my eye view and not surrounded by an overwhelming stack of other items.
  • Try using the smaller products up first. This reduces the stack quicker and helps get me into the habit of specific products.
  • Putting make-up on in the morning instead of sitting in bed on social media for thirty minutes will make me far happier as I will be using products up and making real me time.

What are your top tips to using products up, especially when you are overwhelmed by product numbers, and getting into a good routine?

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