Blogging Whilst Working

I have not posted in nearly a fortnight. Topics have come and gone into my mind and I have really wanted to sit down and write about them but my time to do so has been rather stretched but I am hoping to be able to sit down soon and get several posts scheduled.

It was all going fine and I was managing to stay on schedule when I was just working. The shifts meant I had the odd day off or the morning or evening to focus on typing away and getting photos done. But since I started my college course my free days have essentially decreased and my workload has increased and with that finding the time to blog is tricky.

Despite only being a couple of weeks into college I already feel guilty for wanting to sit down on my Wednesday off and focus on my blog rather than focussing on the college work but without doing so my time off has basically vanished.

It is a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be and writing blog posts for work (which are actually just blogs for other peoples sites so I do not even get any stats or joy from them being published) means that my ability to focus on creating good worthwhile content has seriously decreased.

Part of me is struggling with the transition more as I spent over a year solely focussing on my blog and putting my entire heart and soul into it and suddenly that is no longer possible. It feels like it has been ripped away from me but at the same time I know that I am developing myself in another way. As long as I can regain that balance and to not feel like my beloved project and everything I love is getting so terribly neglected everything will work out fine.

And it is not just blogging myself that I am missing but also reading others posts, watching youtube videos and seeing what is happening in all my little interest groups on social media. From now am I am seeking to carve some time out of my evening to watch, read and/or interact with people and content that I love because they deserve for their hard work to be rewarded with numbers and interaction. If you want me to check out your blog or channel when I have time please leave the link in the comments below.

Please hang around and keep checking back every couple of days though as I do intend to get the next few weeks scheduled (I have two mornings off in a row and lots of images already ready to be inserted into posts) and for that to allow me to stay on track until I find a way to balance everything out a bit better.
Dannii xoxo

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