Rimmel’s The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks

Thursday was my day off. I had a missed parcel on the Tuesday so arranged for it to turn up when I would actually be around.

Sure enough that package, shipped over from the USA, arrived but flung into my hand by the postman was a rattling red padded package. Nothing else was due to come in the post, at least I had not ordered anything or had any companies get in touch with me to send me things, but the packaging and the labelling looked similar to when Rimmel sent me their new Scandal Eyes Reloaded over a few weeks ago; which I admitted did not wow me.

The post I was expecting

On opening the package up I was more than delighted; I am talking getting up and dancing around before sitting down and saying nnnoooo waayyy over and over again. Not just one or two lipsticks came out but nine full sized lipstick tubes landed on my bed. Reading the information sent along with them it turns out they are part of Rimmel’s The Only 1 Matte lipstick collection.

Standing to attention

Some of the colours called out to me more than others but it was good to see a variety of natural shades that could be worn by more than just the pale white woman as a “nude” although I did fear that the darker shades would struggle, as a lot of drugstore matte lipsticks do, to come across truly opaque and without patches dotted around the lips.

Swatches of the new shades

After a little bit of going back and forth, perhaps two or three times instead of one simple swipe, the colours built up beautifully. As well as them providing a good amount of colour pay off and seeming to not come out patchy and uneven they certainly matched the matte name.

Unlike a lot of matte lipsticks though these ones felt creamy to apply but also managed to not bleed out of the lip line (without lip liner) making them great for on the go application. The lasting power of the lipstick is pretty decent and even if the main bulk of the product comes away the pigment is strong enough to leave a small even amount of staining on the lips.

The packaging itself is a bit of a mixed bag as it feels like a cheap plastic and the matteness of it makes the flimsy and thin feel of it look more obvious. They have done it so there is a band of colour on the lower half of the tube and this fairly accurately represents the shade of the lipstick when applied and I feel this is a real winner instead of having to pick them all up to look at the labels underneath.

There are some pretty serious issues that I cannot ignore though. The first is the smell. They strongly smell like crayons and even after they have sat on your lips for several minutes the smell is still obvious. The second is the shape of the product. Because of the way the product is shaped in the tube and that it is quite a stiff product it makes application difficult and has resulted in several clear swipes occuring outside the lipline.

610 High Flyer is my early shade favourite but perhaps if I dare to become a little braver then the brighter reds and purple might come out to play. They seem like a fabulous product though and I am delighted that Rimmel sent these to me for consideration.

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