Month Two Update On My August 2016 Aims

What a month! Not only have I settled further into work and started to get into new routines and more positive habits of making the most of my time off and days in general but, despite the nights closing in and the weather being a downer, I am still feeling pretty upbeat about life at the minute.

Last month I talked about how very little had been achieved in the first month since my 22nd birthday and how I was okay with that. Since then only a few things have happened but the things that have feel like a fairly big deal.

We got through the entire month without needing any financial help from anybody. Rent, council tax, phone bills, internet, utilities, travel, food and the endless list was all covered in my partners smaller than expect wage from last month and my single week of working wage. And whilst the month has been pretty tight we did also manage to get a couple of things and have a few tiny treats. But more importantly that means the months ahead are going to be financially stress-free and we can bring down those overdrafts at a comfortable rate without sacrificing too many treats.

I did buy myself a lunch box, though not the one I suggested I was going to get, but instead one with several compartments from TK Maxx. I dug around the kitchen cupboards and remembered I have a BKR bottle so that saved me having to purchase one and with the multi-compartment lunch box my snacks are all in there too. So now I can take lunch with me to work and know everything is well contained and I can keep myself hydrated too. The simple things in life eh?

Sadly I still need to buy those black socks that I mentioned although I did spend the Primark voucher and did get some fluffy socks. And the stationary, apart from a small notebook to make essential notes in at work, has also not happened yet but I am not in a position where I feel those things are required as I found a hidden stash of lined paper and pens so they should keep me going for a while.

The other main thing we spent on, apart from finally being able to purchase a few more vegetables and snacks (seriously I forgot what fruit tasted like and have never loved anything so much in my life), was a Chinese takeaway that came to about £15 and created leftovers for lunch the day after. We are going to make sure we limit ourselves to one takeaway a month though because otherwise that is just throwing money away and needing to loosen our trousers. Ow and I also got another bottle of my favourite foundation because the one I was using had completely run out and my initial replacement was breaking me out.

But talking of loosening trousers I have actually had to tighten mine up. Since starting work, using more energy to think and walk around and actually do stuff I have really noticed the lbs drop away. Since my birthday I am over a stone down and that is mainly through returning to consciously choosing my food, how much to eat and when to eat but also using more energy up. Hopefully I can keep it up and use the progress of the last couple of months as motivation to stay away from all the treats we can now afford and all those things that pop up in the approach to Christmas.

The aims for the month

  • We are seeing a couple of our friends in a few days time so we will probably use that as a chance to get some treat food+drink but with that it also involves walking to the train station and back as a minimum so y’know it all balances out right?!
  • That multi-tasking waffle maker I keep banging on about everywhere (sorry twitter followers) will finally be mine. That £10 I need to put towards it is now finally in my hands with nothing assigned to it.. so come at me waffles, toasties and paninis – and there was me talking about wanting to carry or losing weight just a moment ago.
  • Figure out what people are getting for Christmas and budgeting for it all. This does not mean I am going to rush out to the shops in the month ahead and purchase everything but what it does mean is I can try and set aside a bit of money towards it and mull over those gift decisions before actually carrying them out. Is it just me that thinks something will be great, purchases it and regrets it a couple of days later?
  • If you seen my empties post at the start of the month for things that I used up during September you will know I got back onto the Use It Up wagon. This month I am really going to focus on remembering what I already own and if I go to purchase something considering if I already have it, it is similar to another item or if I even really need it in the first place. having money to spare kind of scares me because it is not something I am used to and I need to learn to restrain myself from buying things just because I can.
  • I want to go to the local cafe and grab something to eat one lunch time with my partner. Not only do we really need to try out more of our local eateries and figure out what is good and not but we have heard so much about some of them for so long that we need to know is the hype worth it.

There are probably a few other things that could be included on this list for the month but I know that the above points are perfectly possible and likely to actually happen and with that I will stay motivated and upbeat about everything going in the right direction. At this stage putting something down like going to a theatre show is a bit unrealistic of me because that could happen but I need to figure out our finances a little better and come to grips with what is realistic to expect. Wow I am such a bore. Can we not just wake up with massively loaded bank balances please?

What are you aims from now until mid-November? have you achieved anything recently? And do you have any tips to avoid those tempting snacks and Christmas items?

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