Bulmers Crushed Red Berries and Lime

Just a couple of days ago I was chatting about how I do not drink very much and with that part of me expected the other bottle of cider to sit in the fridge for a couple of weeks or until my partner got bored and decided to drink it himself.

But after a couple of stressful days and feeling a bit gloomy it got cracked open much sooner than expected. It looks and sounds a lot more like other ‘not apple’ fruity ciders out there with that ruby red tone through the bottle.

Simple red contents and label

Not only did it look similar but it tasted pretty similar to a lot of run of the mill berry ciders as well – mainly the Strongbow one. Sweet with a hint of flavour but nothing really obvious or clear cut.
The flavours mushed together, as you would expected a lot of crushed berries to do, and as a result it landed somewhere between strawberry and raspberry without giving much of the game away. For me this lack of depth of flavour is a bit of an issue as I like to be able to get a clear hint of at least one fruit in my drink.

This is certainly not one that I would elect to purchase again in the future as it really lacked any sort of wow flavour and the taste was okay but nothing to write home about or raise the roof for. A less striking packaging than the blueberry one and certainly less memorable.

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