Bulmers Wild Blueberry And Lime

It is very rare that alcohol is something that I drink anymore and when I do I want freshness, something fruity and smooth without bitterness or really heavy ending.

But on Friday night I asked my partner to get some cider for the evening and the weekend. In fact I asked for it to be a berry cider or something similar over an apple one as sometimes the apple ones can be a little too crisp and sharp for the mood I am in but a sweeter one is generally a much safer bet.

Such slick and eye catching packaging

When it turned out one of them that was picked up was a blueberry one I was a little nervous that it was going to be really sharp and have that bitter after taste or that the lime might bite through it and leave a tangy sense in the mouth that was too much.

However this was really well balanced and having had plenty of time to chill in the fridge there was a slight bitterness from the blueberries but there was also a lot of sweetness without it leaving your teeth shattering from it.

The overwhelming taste reminded me of a blueberry compote that comes as part of a fruit layered yoghurt. As well as the liquid itself being smooth and going down the throat easily the flavour remained in the mouth for a considerable time after drinking.

It is a drink that I would recommend but feel that for an Autumnal or Winter drink it really does not compare very well to other cider like offerings and that this is something I would much prefer to turn to in the heat of the summer whilst sitting outside in the garden soaking up a few rays. There is a pretty large chance that whilst the flavour reminded me of processed blueberries and it was enjoyable that the main thing that makes me want to get more of these is the sleekness of the packaging compared to Bulmers usual garish colour combinations.

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