Cadbury’s Ghooost Egg

Usually Halloween is not my thing but if it means there is a chance to have a Creme Egg pretty much as far away from Easter as possible then I am listening.

Of course creme eggs are very much a specific taste. For some people they can be far too sweet and sticky and for others they are a few bites, licks or sucks of perfection. There are so many ways to approach eating them that if nothing else they are a great discussion topic.

Traditionally the inside is a white mixture with an orange blob in the middle to represent an actual egg. Screme eggs have that orange blob replaced with a green one but in the case of a ghooost egg there is no ‘yolk’ and the entire goo is just white.

This does not alter the taste or texture of the product but does without doubt reduce the cost of making them for Cadburys and with that you would hope they remain cheaper than any other type. Especially as the outside chocolate layer has the same lining and star markings as any other version of the product.

These are available for Halloween so stock will be limited but may go onto clearance or discount at the start of November if there is any stock remaining. At the time of writing they are available for 50p in Sainsburys and most other mainstream food stores.

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