Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded

About a month ago on leaving work I was checking up on my emails and found one from the team that deal with bloggers and PR for Rimmel London with them wanting to pop some details onto their system.

Of course I decided to say yes, as I use their products pretty much every single time I put makeup on, but did not expect anything to come of it until my following grew a little.

Then on returning home from work last week there was a shiny orange bubble wrap letter on the floor with my name on it. Having not ordered anything recently or having any other companies get in touch Rimmel seemed the only logical, but in my head very unlikely, possibility.

On opening it I discovered they sent across a few new Scandaleyes Reloaded products as samples for me to talk about and share on my digital platforms. Therefore whilst these products were sent to me for reviewing purposes the following opinions are completely my own.

The four Scandaleyes Reloaded goodies

The mascaras are great. Initially I was pretty concerned that the brushes were going to be far too big to be able to get a precise angle on the lashes and that the size of it would stop me being able to keep the curl.

However, I must admit I was wrong. I rarely use a curler on my lashes as I am quite blessed in that department (out of all the things to be blessed in eh) and neither of these mascaras have caused my lashes to droop or feel heavy.

No transfer onto my other makeup has happened and I have not experienced any flaking. I find it quite easy to remove and have found it not surviving the tear or water tests very well so try to avoid wearing it in a downpour.

The main thing that left me feeling a little perplexed about the mascaras is I am unsure of what the difference is between the two. One claims to be black and the other extreme black but after putting one on each eye there was no difference in application, appearance or removal.

When opening the package my main excitement was for the eyeliners as it is something I have only recently attempted and the one I have is pretty difficult to work with when you have one eye that you shut and the other is just a blurry mess.

On the hand they seemed to bleed out a little but when on the eye that is not an issue at all. Application on the eye where I can see crystal clear was fabulous and so quick and easy to do but I found myself having the usual issues with the other eye.

Those difficulties highlighted one thing to me with this product: they are really stubborn to get off. No cotton ear bud is going to be your saviour once this has dried. This stuff is stuck to your lid and you are going to need to put up a fight to get it off.

The finish on the good eye looked amazing but unless you are an eyeliner pro or have mastered the art of struggling to see out of one eye better than me then these could cause you a lot of stress and hassle.

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