Primark Haul, October 2016

Back in August I got a £25 Primark voucher for my birthday and because of being too tall and not stick thin I find that all the trousers finish at my knees and the shirts all become three quarter lengths. They do not do my bra size either so basically I always used to edge towards the nightwear section.

Now though with the introduction of a few more sections I found it a bit easier to spend the voucher although my local Primark seems to not have a homeware section.

As well as the below items I got my partner a simple jumper in the green colour he wanted to add to his stash for chilly days at work. Therefore everything I got for myself came to £20.

The goodies together

The Bag

The main purchase was the bag for £9. My current bag, a year and a half old from Primark, was starting to have seen better days so I decided it would be a good time to get another one.

I need something to fit a lunchbox in, a water bottle, a notepad and then all the other usual rubbish. I opted for this one, in a lovely beige with gold hardware, because it has a zip whereas several others were just poppers and that makes me really nervous.

Also this one has the ability to remove the strap and with it being so simple colour wise I thought that would be extra handy as an additional option for days out.

The Socks

I hate having cold feet. Whenever my feet get cold they give me the worst cramp as there is not enough blood to keep the muscles working and as a result my toes spread and my feet curl in absolute agony. Therefore I own way more fluffy socks than traditional socks.

The cosy socks were £1.70 for two pairs and I ummed and ahhed between whixh design for a fair while but went with pink and white because they go best with my VS pjs (because I want to feel my best with matching fluffy socks on?!).

The supersoft socks were £2.50 for two pairs and I was attracted to these by the flowery pattern on one of the pairs whilst also liking how soft they are. These are a little thinner than some of my fluffy socks but that makes them great for the autumn/spring days where it is cold but not so much that my feet need 100 layers on.

The Hat

Ow dear where do I begin. I seen this burgandy/maroon bobble hat at £2 and decided that it would be mine. I own one other hat, a white bobble hat, which looks just as ridiculous on my head as this one does. We all know hats look ridiculous on me so why did I decide to purchase this one..

Face Masks

After my recent empties post you might know that I prefer peel off face masks to wash off ones so I was pretty delighted to spot these from one of my favourite brands for 90p each. I have not tried this particular sort before so I am looking forward to giving it a try.

Nail Varnishes

As if I need any more nail varnish but here I am with a matte maroon and a natural satin matte one. These both cost £1.50 each and are fairly large bottles. The first seemed great for autumn and the second great for everyday work use throughout the year.

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