Empties, September 2016

At last the Use It Up attitude has returned and the motivation to eliminate the back up products and only have one thing of each type is back (and hopefully willing to stay around for a while).

Seeing a box of finished beauty items in front of me is certainly a factor that keeps me focussed on my goals but it also serves to me as a reminder of how my skin, body and mindset has generally benefited from the things I have used and am continuing to use.

With starting work this month I thought my ability to use products up would have decreased but instead that has help put me into a routine and found me using certain things more regularly (lip balm and hand cream after sanitiser for instance).

And of course I used up products like bath bombs that have no real packaging so these have missed out on making this post but I am going to start doing bath bomb/product hauls and then I will be able to do an update on them at a later point.

Chocoholic Mud Face Mask

Sweet treat for the face

Generally masks that scrub or peel off are the ones that I lean towards when selecting them myself but I was given this one as a gift a little while ago and finally got around to using it up.

The sweet smell of cocoa and vanilla was certainly very noticeable and a little overwhelming. The minute the packet was opened the scent was out and had filled the room to the point that even my partner was raising his eyebrow at it.

Despite it not saying to do so on the packet I could tell the mask would need a little warming up so the awkward packet rubbing motions came out to play. They seemed largely ineffective though and despite creating a large gap for the product to squeeze through there was a bit of a battle to get product out.

It did however apply to the face well although there seemed to only be one option of application; thick or thick. After smearing it on my face I decided to relax and let it work whatever magic it wanted for a while.

Little magic seemed to occur and despite the mud seeming to dry and be ready for removal there was no real feeling of relaxing from me or any sighs of relief from my skin. My pores did not feel better and there was little difference in the appearance of my complexion and the skin was not as silky soft as some face masks can tend to make it.

This is certainly one of those that I feel comes under the novelty masks category but does little to provide a purpose or have any obvious benefits. This is not something I would bring into a regular skincare routine.

Detoxifying Dead Sea Mineral Mask

Superdrug detoxifying mask

Much like the last mask this is not the sort I might take off the shelf if I was purchasing it myself but it is the sort I can get behind a bit more.

The consistency of the mask when applying it was comforting as it was cold and smooth with the ability to be as thinly or thickly applied in specific areas instead of being restricted to what the product initially has to offer.

And I feel that those initial feelings were justified as this mask helped to get into the pours and did make it look slightly clearer and feel smoother at the end of it. This is better than the last one mentioned and I would get it in a pinch but it has not won me over from peel off ones.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Shade 52 ‘Vanilla’

Unbelievably this is my first ever foundation. That is right until 21 I had never owned foundation or applied any of it to myself.

So when this was running low I got a different one but the replacement broke me out big style so I purchased more of this one. The reason? This one matches my skin tone really well, can be built up, does not break me out and wears well throughout the day.

It is a little more expensive than some drugstore foundations but after trying out a couple of others before finishing my first bottle of this and repurchasing more I certainly feel it is very much worth that extra pound or two.

Cherry Chapstick

Beaten up old packaging

Ah dear I need to insert an apology here for anybody else that has just undergone the trauma of reading the subtitle and had Katy Perry whirl around their head. But here we are with a chapstick that happens to be cherry flavoured/scented.
It was certainly cherry coloured and had that sickly chemical cherry scent attached to it but despite it being on my lips and naturally the odd bit getting onto my food or within my mouth there was nothing memorable about the taste other than the usual sticky grossness.

Having the very slightest of hints of colour is something that I generally find to be worthwhile as it encourages me to use it as a stand alone product to get the full moisturising benefit out of it rather than opting towards a lip gloss that only soothes the lips for a couple of minutes.

Even when this was new however it did seem to be a little drier and less moisturising than the original one and if the lips were seriously dry and suffering the colour benefits of this would certainly have to be ditched (though I am unsure I would actually opt for a Chapstick at all in that situation and instead would lean towards other brands and products).

There are certainly worse lip care products on the market but there are certainly far better. This is a good one for day to day colder weather application but it provides no real help against actual sore or chapped lips.

Ted Baker Body Soufflé

Thick and floral cream

With this tub containing 300ml of product it seemed to last ever so long although this was not helped by my failure to apply skincare and body products from a fairly large chunk of time. Eventually though the last bit was gone and this found itself in the empties section of my room.

As well as using this on my legs I applied it to my feet. I found that it did a very basic job of keeping my legs feeling soft but did nothing to actually help relieve the dry skin or make them feel silky soft. It did do something for my feet but I do not feel this was necessarily any more than the most basic creams I have used in that area and there was certainly not the sort of improvement witnessed from other body and foot creams in the past.

Whilst the packaging is pretty I am delighted to be able to get rid of this product. For me the scent was just not to my liking and it discouraged me from using it a little as I knew that opening it would send a whiff of rose and sandalwood right up my nose and around the room. The smell did not linger for too long on the skin however so once past the initial stage I was much relieved to be able to breath in comfort once more.

This product came in a gift bag set with a couple of other items and those items had the same scent but were a lot more mild and easy to handle but this is something I would not choose again because of the scent and then also the mediocre levels to which it seemed to do anything useful for my skin.

Purex 3 in 1 facial Wipes

Cheap facial wipes

Whilst face wipes are not recommended solely to remove a full face of make-up I do find them useful to remove the main amount of it from my face. Using a wipes helps get most of it off and start to break down the mascara before I go with water and my favourite cleanser of the moment. Doing so means I do not have to double cleanse (which significantly reduces the cost per day of using the product) and that my face feels properly clean and refreshed after the second stage.

These face wipes were pretty cheap and came in a pack of three with some deep cleanse and exfoliating ones too (more to come on those in the coming months) so they are not the best but for the purpose I use them for £1 for 75 wipes is good enough for me.

Aloe vera is a feature in these particular wipes and they did help to make the skin feel soft and calm after using rather than them tugging around at the skin or leaving it feeling a little rough. The main downside of these has to be that they dry out fairly quickly however you store them or whatever additional methods you take to keeping them dry as the first one was so full of moisture but by the last one it was a bit of an effort to glide them around your face – although at this point I was only using one or two a week.

If you do not want to use these alone then they are a great cheap option but if you are the sort of person to use a wipe to remove your make-up and be done with your routine for the day then these are not for you as they are unable to get everything out of any pores or deeper areas of the face.

Eucerin Aquaphor Skin Balm

Everlasting skin care sample

I still have another of these 4g samples to use up and at the minute the final verdict is still to be decided but there are several things I have noticed about this product that claims to be for “very dry or even cracked skin”.

Do not put it on cracked skin. I have bad elbows (as mentioned in the past) and they are constantly a cracked and flaky mess. All this seemed to do was make those flakes more obvious and *gross alert* peel off and continuing to use the product on that area did not stop the same thing from happening every couple of days. Perhaps it would work better on something like a cracked heel that can easily be fixed but do not use it on constantly cracked areas because it will just keep making gross flakes appear everywhere.

The texture is a little strange too and somewhere between a lip balm and a silicone primer for make-up. This is something that most people could look past if it provided some sort of great miracle to cure dry skin but after using this in small ankle patches everyday for nearly a month now I have to say there is no change to that area at all. Instead the product just lingers on the skin and leaves a mark on anything that it touches until it finally decides to dry.

My final thoughts shall be provided when I finish the next sample but at the minute it is one huge no from me.

Rimmel 3 in 1 Nail Polish

Multi-tasking magic?

This base coat, top coat and strengthener seemed to last for an eternity which given the I used it at least once a week basically every week seems a surprise. But as you can tell it comes in one of those annoying bottles where using all of it is nearly impossible because you cannot swirl the brush around enough to suck up enough product to make a smooth layer across all ten nails.
I am not too sad to say goodbye to this product though as it was starting to get a bit past its best and not really providing any support or strength to either my nails or the coloured polishes applied around it. It had reached a stage where my nails were chipping a day after application regardless of the coloured polish because this stuff had become so ineffective from the days where it provided protection for a week.

Whilst the product itself appears to be purple in the bottle this has never come through on the nails or altered the colour of a polish which is of course a great relief but it does suck up bits of other polishes, however dry they are, and collect them at the bottom of the bottle (there is a layer of glitter at the bottom of the bottle).

It is a decent product but it does not have lasting power to go until the end of the bottle and also the shape of the bottle and wand means it is nearly impossible to get all of the product out of there which is something that really annoys me. If this was the only top coat in the store then I would purchase it again but if there were choices I would seek out a highly recommend one that can withstand me hammering away at a keyboard day in and day out.

Vaseline Aloe Sensitive Anti-Perspirant

Heaven for the underarms

Finishing my empties post with the most exciting product yet.. I know, I know, you can can thank me later. But actually this product is a pretty exciting one for me as it has a very mild scent on application, does not dry out my underarms and also does the job throughout the day at work.

I feel comfortable going for a walk and getting a bit of a sweat on and this 0% alcohol spray stopping me from smelling like I belong in a swamp. And I actually got on with it so well that I purchased a couple of back ups to ensure I do not have to dig out an emergency body spray until I can get to the shops.

Finding things like a good anti-perspirant is the sort of thing that feels like a laughably large success because there are so many out there with different scents, formulations and skin type aims that it can feel a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. Now though I can relax in knowing that through summer and winter this product has got my back (until my body becomes resistant to it or something terrible).

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