ASDA Extra Special Melting Layer Smoked Haddock Fishcakes

When our ASDA shopping was delivered the other day we were more than delighted by what our really cheap and simple fishcakes had been substituted with. You normally end up with something slightly different or perhaps one notch up but instead we went from the cheapest chilled fishcakes in the store to some Extra Special ones. The excitement between me and my partner over some fancier fishcakes is pretty much a summary of how ridiculously small things can cause excitement in adult life.

The outer packaging

So after popping them in the freezer for a few days we decided to try these smoked haddock fishcakes with a cheddar and mustard sauce for a melting layer out. I did a mushroom risotto and a side salad with them which sound a little strange but the flavours worked out quite well and the melting layer helped to make up for the fact there was no cheese to put into the risotto.

The little hills pre-cooking

The fishcakes themselves were like little hills and much bigger than a lot of chilled fishcakes available. The way they are shaped makes it obvious where the fish and potato filling ends and where the melting layer begins which helps you to treat it with a suitable amount of care. Around the outside the breading was a little chunkier and more coarse than sometimes but had little bits added into it and instead of looking like that bright orange breading you sometimes get on cheaper ones or fish fingers this felt a lot more natural and wholesome.
Because of doing them from frozen they required 35 minutes at 200°c which allowed for plenty of time to keep an eye on the risotto (if you want me to do an updated risotto recipe then leave a comment below or get in touch on social media). Eventually it was time for them to come out of the oven and this is the part that mostly increased the nerves as so often the melting layer or sauces of things tends to find a way out and escape but this did not happen with these and they came off the tray in one safe whole piece.

All served up

There was certainly a decent amount of haddock to potato in the main bulk of the fishcake but the smoked flavours of the haddock did seem to get a little lost with the other flavourings that were in the fishcake.
The sauce for the melting layer came in a reasonable quantity and was certainly enough to ensure that the fishcake itself was not on the dry side but whilst it was pleasant I would say that the sauce lacked in the way of cheese or mustard and that it was more a very general soft flavouring.

Overall the fishcake was really yummy and a well balanced product that I would perhaps consider buying if they were on offer at £2 as they could easily be the star of a simple meal but I was expecting a few flavours to come through slightly stronger and to leave a lasting impression on the palette. If you are feeling a little fancy then these could be something nice to get but slightly lower bracketed ones or slightly cheaper ones can do the job just as well for creating a simple meal.

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