Yeo Valley’s Rhubarb And Custard Yoghurt

Rhubarb and custard is one of my top flavours and scents so when this found its way into the fridge I was delighted. It used to be a yoghurt flavour that was fairly easy to get hold of but has escaped my eye line in recent years and had hopes that it would send me back to my youth.

The big pot of yoghurt

With Wilkos managing to have an unbelievable bath and shower range of rhubarb and vanilla that smells exactly like the sweets I cannot help but feel that should be achievable in yoghurt form. The taste of fresh and stewed rhubarb is also a delight to me and having grown up in the rhubarb triangle have a fair few opinions on it.

But with great hopes so often comes great disappointments. The yoghurt has flavour but if blindfolded or unaware of what it was supposed to be it could have been pretty much anything. There was no initial burst of sharp earthiness and there was no follow up of sweet vanilla custard to balance it out.

The texture of the yoghurt is not the best either as it has long and thin strands of rhubarb in that caught on my throat several times and however much the pot seemed to be mixed the slithers did not want to spread themselves out throughout the pot.

For me rhubarb and custard is a really comforting combination and this just left me feeling rather cold and disappointed. It has bags of room for improvement but at £1.25 (full price) it really should already be hitting close to top marks for rhubarb flavour with a sweetness cutting through.

Overall I would have to say this is not worth it and you should avoid this and that a plain yoghurt with some fresh rhubarb would be much better than this rather pathetic pot.

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