Month One Update On My August 2016 Aims

The day after my 22nd birthday I decided to do a blog post on what I want to achieve in the next 12 months. It includes places I want to go, things I want to buy and general life aims and to keep myself aiming for them and rewarding myself for my hard work I decided to do monthly updates.

Getting back on track in life after crippling and deep depression for over a year that seen you kicked out of university and losing your job, with your partner on a £12k p/a, is really tough. Now we both have a job and my partner is getting paid far more so not only can we afford our incredibly ridiculous London rent and bills but we can afford to have this thing we had forgotten about called ‘life’.

We are half way through September and neither of us particularly expected financial miracles at this point but knowing we are going to be able to manage from now on is a massive relief for both of us.

So my partner returned to the school he worked in last year but with a new job title, different wage and hours and he seems to have settled in pretty well but seems desperate to increase his workload and be a little bit more busy (which is pretty unlike him).

I started work as an apprentice operations assistant a week ago and am busy getting stuck in and learning the ropes of how the company operates and what is the most efficient way for me to get certain tasks complete. Because of starting not long ago I have not gone into college yet to get the qualification under way but am a mixture of nervous and excited about adding to my education.

We have not really bought anything or done anything in the last month – but I expected this to be the case because of the way wages etc fall. The most exciting thing was getting some more deodorant and cotton rounds from Superdrug and even then that was more of a requirement than a treat or luxury in any way.

A lot of time has been spent preparing blog posts to try and keep up every other day posting whilst doing ironing, chores and cooking around the flat to try and get into a good routine and keep on top of everything. But in the last month food has been a little more interesting and we have had a bit more variety than we had for a fair while. The meals are nothing ground breaking but it is always nice to get to have something other than what feels like the same ten meals on rotation all the time.

I still need to buy that waffle maker I am after but have realised that I need a few clothing items to be a priority first; seriously where do all of my socks keep disappearing to? This month has more been about surviving and balancing the books and dealing with required expenses than thinking about immediately treating ourselves. This time next month though we should have managed to spend a day or an evening out somewhere or perhaps I will have bought something exciting.

The First Things I Intend To Buy

  1. Socks. Lots of black socks that go into my shoes comfortably and do not look silly. I used to have a lot of black socks but they have slowly disappeared or ended up in the bin after developing holes so I have had to do some seriously scrabbling for normal black socks rather than the ones that have coloured toes and heel sections.
  2. Things to store food in. I am generally much more of a water drinker than a hot drink person and therefore this water bottle with a snack section at the bottom looks extra handy. With that though I also want to drink more lemon water so might get this instead with a small tub for snacks AND that would work out cheaper too. But finally I will need something to put my lunch in and I love the look of the Polar Gear one with it containing an ice pack and a knife and fork.
  3. Stationery. With college as well as work I am going to need something to make notes in so will be getting a couple of standard A4 notepads (I already dug a slightly pretty one out from the flat to use at work to make notes on things I need to remember), plenty of black pens and perhaps a folder or two but my time in education has taught me not to bother getting anything else until I actually need it.

I also have my eye on a few clothing pieces but I want to hold off until nearer Christmas for those because I am hoping that working and being a bit more active will help me to lose a little bit of weight and maybe a dress size or too.

Stay tuned. Exciting things are very much just around the corner. Until next month I hope you all take care and are able to treat yourself to something nice too!

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