Cooking A Chicken And Using Leftovers

Chicken is such a simple and easy thing to cook. You can just pop it in the oven at the recommended heat, set the timer and do nothing for a few hours. If you are doing a whole chicken you probably want to add a little margarine to the skin and perhaps a few bits of seasoning and a drop of lemon juice but that is it before you go off and leave it to cook.

But if there are only a couple of you then a whole chicken can quickly start to feel like the Christmas turkey where it just goes on and on with a lack of ideas. Getting a whole one generally works out so much better value for money though and they can be found in places like Lidl and Aldi for a little bit less as well.

Rather a beastly sized chicken

We got our most recent one from ASDA and it was technically an extra large chicken and for two people that does seem like a huge amount but remember that the bigger the chicken the bigger the bones are also going to be.

Chicken, vegetables, stuffing and gravy

I cooked it on a Tuesday and we had it with vegetables, a bit of stuffing and some gravy so it was really the main star of the show at that point and the thing of substance. That left enough for me to have some for my lunch on Wednesday and to make a curry (well it was not really a curry at all just seasoned vegetable stock) on the Wednesday evening as well as to then do a chicken pasta bake on the Thursday evening. So six portions of dinner plus a portion of lunch is not too bad at all and every meal was completely different from the last to keep it interesting.

The sort of (but not at all) curry

Doing a whole chicken and just using leftovers for the following days is good too because it means that the other meals are going to be quicker or at least less effortsome to do. The curry just involved popping some rice on, chopping some vegetables and mixing things together at suitable points in time rather than having to worry about getting something out of the over as well. And the pasta bake was one pot on the stove until it quickly got popped into the oven.
Despite what many people think cooking a chicken is really easy and it is not difficult to take the meat off the bones. It takes a little bit of patience but after the first couple of times it can be done quickly and just with a good large knife. As long as you follow the cooking time recommendations and season it with flavours you like there is no reason for it not to turn out great. Once the chicken is cooked you can either pop potatoes or something straight into the tray to cook or save it to use another day. And if you feel that a whole chicken is a waste because of the bones you can always retain those and some vegetable peelings a make a stock from them all.

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