ASDA Smartprice Salted Peanuts

If you read my blogs often you might be a bit surprised by this review. If not let me fill you in very quickly: I love peanuts and most things that contain peanuts but I am allergic to them so try to avoid them despite desires.

But when I was doing an online food order recently I decided to get some as it seemed like a good thing to have as a back-up snack but also that they might be able to be combined into a couple of meals. Of course the issues with peanuts being around is that I will just end up eating them and sure enough that happened and a week after eating my first handful my face is still suffering from a few lumps and bumps that have not gone down.

Salted peanut packaging

So seen as I suffered through eating them I thought I might as well share my thoughts with you on them. This 200g pack is available for 48p which is at least £1 cheaper than the majority of salted peanuts that come in a brand packet so could be a really good alternative if you eat peanuts or go through quite a lot of them.
Peanuts are obviously a good thing to pop into a bowl and have as a snack if you have people round. They are obviously quite traditionally a bar snack food but if you like them with a drink remember they are salty and that salt tends to dehydrate the body and cause you to drink more so try to avoid downing the beer to deal with that.

According to recommendations there are five servings in this bag and each one has 0.5g of salt in so this is certainly something you need to keep an eye on during your day of food but if you eat pretty healthily throughout the day then a single portion of these should not cause you too much issues.

They are still really salty and whilst it might be a little less salty than some branded peanuts they are not at all lacking and should still meet your salty requirements. The peanuts themselves are fairly average in size and still have the usual crunch to them that you would expect and in the pack none of them still had the skin on or anything like that so they were just pretty standard peanuts coated in some salt.

Honestly I could not tell the difference between these and branded ones and would therefore highly recommend them. Plus them being a little lower in salt compared to some is a positive too because it stops it being completely underwhelming and makes them a little bit better for you.

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