Cheap Chocolate And Branded Bites

We used to get Sainsburys Basic milk and dark chocolate but they recently increased the price from 30p for a 100g bar to 35p for a bar and whilst 5p does not make a big difference to the majority of people it is the sort of thing that makes a huge difference from us and turns the chocolate from a simple treat to a guilty treat.

For now though ASDA Smartprice are hanging in there and keeping their chocolate at 30p. The dark chocolate is generally my partners favourite whilst I prefer the milk bar so when I make an order online I tend to get a few bars of each as they make a cheap dessert or help with an immediate one bite energy boost.

ASDA Smartprice dark+milk chocolate


The ASDA bars are also much easier to share equally between two people over a couple of days as there are six rows and each row has four squares as the Sainsburys ones totalled an odd number of squares and that is just hugely frustrating. But there are some bigger differences between the two than just the appearance and that is regarding the taste and texture.Dark chocolate can sometimes be really bitter but because these are both at the cheapest end of the market they amount of cocoa in it is not as high and as a result these are both still fairly sweet. The ASDA one is slightly sweeter and softer than the Sainsburys one and for me that makes it slightly better but Sainsburys would certainly win if I needed some for baking with.

The milk chocolate from ASDA is certainly a winner of the two for me though as I find it to be a little softer and more melt in the mouth than the Sainsburys one whilst also having a slightly stronger depth of flavour and I can imagine this one being more suitable for a child as an individual square really reminds me of Milky Way Magic Stars.

And whilst I am talking about chocolate I thought I would mention an empties product that we have. We got these M&M coated peanuts a while ago from my partners parents after he had gone to see them for a few days. He ended up eating most of them because I try to steer clear of peanuts as I know that my skin will react to them the following day.

Peanut M&M’s

But I find M&M products to generally be really underwhelming as the sugar coating and the chocolate are both pretty poor quality given how much they normally cost. I really have never been much of an M&M fan, peanut or chocolate, and struggle to understand the obsession with them and things like the massive store in Central London.
If I am going to risk the peanut rampage on my face I would much rather just get some chocolate coated peanuts than have the sugar coating as well and I feel that brings out a better contrast of sweet from the chocolate with slightly savoury, bitter and salty peanut. I just really struggle to recommend these in any way but my partner enjoys them and their peanut inside so what do I know!

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