My Weekend Including Review Of Rezala, Croydon

Everybody loves a long weekend although the August one is generally the most confusing to me. I understand the historical nature of that being the one chance a lot of people would have to go to the beach that year but now it seems largely out of place.

It is nice though and with my birthday a week before it means if I was too busy to celebrate I can try and figure something out the week after. At least that could work with future summer bank holidays.

Going out is not my thing so this post involves no terrible tales of drunken friends or a chat about the drinks on offer in the pub up the road. My weekend was far more simple than that with my partner working the Saturday, us getting a food delivery with my make-up ending up more dramatic than intended and us catching up with a few friends.

This is a weekend of self-care, self-love and good times. There is nothing overly fancy but it does show me as who I am and actually this is an incredibly busy weekend by my standards.

Whilst it seems sad to get excited about a food delivery it is one of my monthly highlights. Getting to go through everything and divide things up for the freezer and eyeing up the fresh vegetables is really rather enjoyable for me (especially when I spot the odd treat item). I mean we are cheap shoppers and get pretty much the cheapest supermarket brand available and as a result it works out pretty similar to Lidl prices. We have enough meat and fish for about four weeks now and knowing we do not have to stress about that until first wages come in during September is a huge relief.

But because the delivery was coming I decided to put a light layer of makeup on. I thought just a bit of foundation and mascara would help me look a little more alive and energised, especially seen as it turned up after that shocking and dramatic Casuality special, but once I sat down it quickly developed.

Erm seem to have a full face?

I mean it started off so normally but now it seems I have a liquid lipstick, a rather thick winged eyeliner and a serious whack of highlighter going on. All because the ASDA delivery guy was turning up. My partner is the only one that even comes into face to face contact with the driver.

Pretty pinks

The whole reason I ended up mentioning the food delivery is because I did get some flowers in it too. This is not something I have discussed much, if at all, on my blog but just over a month ago I said goodbye to my Granny after she had a relatively short but fierce battle with cancer. This bank holiday weekend would have been her birthday and I wanted to do something nice so I got some flowers and popped them in a vase. They certainly helped to lift my mood a little.

Tweed and tails

I did my nails for the first time in weeks on the Saturday afternoon. This Ciate polish, in Tweed and Tails, is one I got in the Ciate 2015 advent calendar and I have looked at it with one eye of temptation and the other eye showing great fear. It looks like such a lovely khaki colour but I could not imagine getting it to work against my skin tone.

But I gave it a go and after applying a base coat, two layers of the colour and a top coat I was pretty happy with the results. The one thing I noticed is in the light it looks a lot more green but in darker lighting it looks almost grey. The grey was not something I was keen on and it really drove me to only look at my nails during daylight or very bright artifical light.

Rezala Indian starters(Croydon)

On Sunday we had a couple of friends come round. My partner had created a WFRP storyline and we spent a lot of the day and evening doing that whilst chatting away. I am a lot more used to Dungeons and Dragons so it took a while to understand the system and get into the mode of representing my halfling, Susi Applewood, accurately but I think I put enough emphasis on enjoying food and trying to stay too much out of trouble.

We decided to get food, to takeaway, from Rezala for food that evening and I admit I was a little nervous as we had not tried it before. They won best restaurant in Croydon in 2002 and were runners up in 2003 but do have a five star hygiene rating and fairly decent reviews online but I am rather a creature of habit that generally avoids Indian takeaways.

The waiting area inside looks like it may well of not had a fresh lick of paint since its glory days of the early 2000s. A few tiles had fallen off, the red paint looked dark and faded whilst the floor and sofa could have done with a deep clean. The whole place looked like it could do with a lift in lighting and ambience to increase the experience whilst waiting.

My partner and I got the two person sharer which included two main dishes, some rice and a variety of starters as well as poppadom and naan for just less than £18. The quanity of food was really impressive and in that sense certainly good value.

Nothing was particularly spicy and even the samosa and the bhaji, whilst they had flavour, lacked any distinct spice flavours or enough to make it feel authentic (as in I am not even sure there was pepper in there lack of spice level). And, despite the door being open to the kitchen, no smells of cooking or loud sizzling was present. I could see them cooking but, considering they were doing items for four people plus a couple of delivery orders, there really was no hit on the senses we were waiting in an Indian takeaway.

All our dishes were supposed to be mild but I still expected a bit of something from them. The most flavour I got was the coconut from the very sweet sauce of the chicken tikka. Though I think one of our friends dishes had some chilli in so we obviously just found ourselves with the really safe options.

It was tasty and reasonable in price compared to a lot of local Indian takeaways but I would say it fell just short of the mark and I would rather go for the Chinese over the road or the fish and chip shop a few doors down. If I really fancied an Indian, which is incredibly unlikely from me, I would probably spend a little more money from one of the other slightly fancier looking establishments in the area.

The morning after we went wild and had a bacon sandwich with a splob of ketchup. I had been battling with a bit of a cold on and off for the last couple of days and after a late night, largely due to upstairs having violent and loud sex right above our bedroom three times in an hour way beyond midnight, and come the end of Monday I had spent a lot of the day sleeping and feeling sorry for myself. Although the weekend was rounded off by Great British Menu, University Challenge, Only Connect and First Dates on the TV plus a dose of Youtube so not all bad!

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