Food And Drink Empties, July 2016

I mentioned back in my home and beauty empties for July that a food and drink one would be on the way. They are coming to you rather later than I expected they would but I still want to share my thoughts on these products with you.

All Of July’s Empties

In July I mainly ended up trying out a variety of new and different food and drink to the things that are usually around. This is partly because of circumstances and us being on the go and in different locations to normal but also because I go through phases of being very easily bored with everything on offer and seek out something different.

A lot of the items that are going to be included come from the Allergy and Free From Show whilst other items ended up being consumed whilst we were in the South West or travelling in relation to that. As a result some of the quality of photos and backgrounds vary but I hope that you are still able to focus on the product I am blabbering on about.

Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry

Black Raspberry Water

I already had mixed feelings about this product because of it being black raspberry rather than just raspberry or blackberry but when the bottle had all the fridge lights on it in the shop and it was the same price, if not cheaper, than most other bottles of drink on offer I just had to give it a try.

Whilst it is 12 calories I wondered if it was going to be one of those ‘natural sweetener’ drinks that made it taste really sweet or sticky compared to the water taste you might expect. This stuff basically just reminded me of squash though, and without sounding ridiculous, a watery one at that. The flavour was there but fell short of being a clear and defined taste or providing a burst of fruity freshness.

This is something I would only get in a pinch and even then only if it was hugely discounted in comparison to everything else. I would rather take the calorie hit of Oasis or the boring hit with water than pay somewhere in the middle of the two for this.

Sugar Free Pink Lemonade Lucozade

Zero Sugar Pink Lemonade

I used to be obsessed with the normal pink lemonade when I was younger (and I wonder why my waistline expanded) so when I seen this whilst out and about and knowing I would be facing a long coach journey and evening ahead I decided to pick up a bottle.

Unsurprisingly the taste was pretty much identical and the consistency of the product felt the same in the mouth which is always a good thing as there are some products that fall short of replicating the original when trying to change the ingredients around.

Of course just because this is sugar free does not mean it is something people should start drinking regularly unless undertaking large amounts of exercise and burning of energy. I have spotted some people thinking they can gulp this down now it is sugar free and I am rather left retreating my head into my neck like I have turned into a tortoise.

This stuff is great and has its place on the market but I would be keen to remind people of the purpose of Lucozade and to only get it if that fits their needs. Part of me is always hugely concerned that these products, along with sports drinks, have become so widely consumed by the not sporty community.

Schär Gluten Free Chocolix Bars

Chocolate Caramel Bars

Yes I ended up giving these a go. We got two boxes of them from the Free From show in our goody bags so I decided to try a couple of them whilst giving the rest to my partner for his break time snack.

The packaging of the biscuit itself is very understated and that surprised me a bit for a branded product as I would have assumed they were keen to push themselves amongst a wider amount of the population. But them coming in just yellow is good for me because then nobody knows whether it is a branded item or a 20p biscuit bar.

They were bitterly disappointing though and I do not even mean the biscuit bit. The biscuity bit just tasted like any other bar of this type, though was a lot drier, but the caramel filling inside was pointless.

If you imagine a shop bought cheap chicken kiev and how when you open it up there is just a tiny amount of garlic butter floating in the bottom of a huge hole then this is what the caramel inside this biscuit was like. If I scooped it all onto a teaspoon we would be lucky to get more than half of one. It lacked sweetness or depth of flavour and there was not enough of it to help stop the biscuit bit being really dry and as a result these just do not work in the same way as other biscuit bars and there really is no reason why they should not be able to replicate gluten ones just as well.

Conscious Chocolate Goji And Coconut

Conscious Chocolate’s Goji and Coconut Bar

When I headed off to the clothes show I knew that this brand was going to be there and I am a huge supporter of them on instagram so I wanted to pick up a bar or a little sample of them.

After a bit of umming and ahhing I decided to get this one, a tiny little bar for 50p, and then place an order to be delivered to me at home through the website. I left this until I got home and popped it in the fridge, as with a lot of free from chocolate, it needed hardening back up after a day in the sunshine and warmth.

It was a really good chocolate bar too and the flavours and textures worked really well together to make a lovely little personal treat. It was very moreish whilst also being enough to satisfy that chocolate craving.

Wild Thing Paleo Bar

100% Nuts, Seeds and Fruits

Unsurprisingly this made me ill, with me being allergic to about 95% of it (good going Free From and Allergy Show) but I really wanted to give it a try since I had been given it.

But I wish I had not bothered. It was like chewing at cardboard and then occasionally getting bits stuck in your teeth. It had bits of sweetness but was generally very horrible to eat and just did not seem to combine tastes and textures together very well. A Nakd bar works much better than one of these in terms of fruit and nuts combined to make a healthy and nutritious bar.

Zeo Zesty Lime

Zesty Glass Bottled Soft Drink

I was really interested in this product. Partly my interested was spiked by it coming in a glass bottle and that automatically making anything seem fancier and more precious but also because I wondered how it would be any different to a sugar free lime cordial in taste and  texture.

The liquid is obviously a much more cloudy shade and reminded me more of lemon juice than of lime but I was still giving myself a clear mind to try this product without judgement.

It was certainly fresh and tasty to drink, especially on a warm day, but trying to drink out of the bottle itself was quite a challenge as the neck of the bottle was just quite small to approach in a normal drinking manner. The flavours were very subtle and I would struggle to personally say it was zesty and more just a hint of lime but it was nice all the same.

Recommending it to anybody seems highly unlikely as it was just nothing special. It retails for quite a high price and there are equally healthy and tastier alternatives on the market for slightly less and i just do not feel this brand does enough to make their products stand out from the crowd. You could of course use one of these bottles as a vase for a singular flower it you wanted but it still seems like quite a expensive and lack-lustre way of getting such a container.

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