Scrub Love Products

These products came to me through winning an instagram competition where I simply had to like the photo and then wait. In fact I waited so long that when the company, that sells loads of brands, got in touch about me winning I was absolutely gobsmacked and had to go through their instagram to even find the original post.

I love body scrubs and am constantly looking for something that is going to help deal with the never ending amount of dead and flaky skin that my body seems to produce. And with coffee scrubs seeming to be an increasingly popular trend this prize has given me the perfect chance to give them a try.

The three types of Scrub Love

But there is a small problem with all of this.. I hate coffee from the taste and the smell of it. Whenever there is a filter machine around I run as far away from it as possible because to me all coffee just smells like burned toast to me. So I was really nervous to open this stuff let alone use it on my body but after a fair few weeks I braved it.

Trying it out for the first time

Scrub Love has three products: The original lovin’, coconut affair and a mint temptation. The later two have different elements in them that alter the benefits of the scrub and the scent a little bit too.

I decided to ease my way into the scrubs by using the coconut one that includes some coconut oil and should contribute to soothing the skin that remains as well the coffee helping to remove the unwanted skin.

To use it you are supposed to get a handful of it and apply it in small circle motions across the face and body, leaving it for a few minutes before removing it and carrying on with your bath or shower routine. But it took me a little bit to figure out how much I was supposed to use and how to cup it in my hand and then apply it following the recommended method.

To start with I made an absolute mess everywhere as it is really quite difficult to scoop it out suitably without getting liquid into the pouch and then to keep it in my hand and get it onto my face and body. These pouches do have the positive of a zip-lock top to seal the product in and the water out as well as keep the freshness of the scrub itself.

This stuff really does stink the place out. It certainly did not smell of traditional coffee but it was still very strong, noticable and to my mind revolting. But I stuck with it and kept it on my face and upper body for the suggested five minutes before quickly removing it and darting out the bath. I mean it was exactly what I expected and if you enjoy coffee and its smell then this is never going to be an issue for you.

The product itself seems to really work and did smooth the skin out but I can see that in the initial stages, much like a vibrating facial cleansing brush, it might make the skin a little irritated to begin with as the circulation is activated and the ‘fresh baby skin’ comes to the front.

I am going to try and push through the smell and carry on using these products by sticking to this coconut one and figuring out how I feel about them by the end of it. From my experiences so far I would recommend these products but they do come with a hefty £10-£15 proce tag.

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